Well that was easy
Wed Jul 25, 2018 15:52

It seemed like Russell was distracted by the rat in Dade’s carrying cage. It was a pretty cute rat, Dade wasn’t denying that, but Russell was a seventh-year and Dade would have figured a seventh-year being confronted by someone who was complaining about someone else would have better things to do than look at a rat, no matter how cute it was. Still, while Dade was kind of annoyed at not being the center of Russell’s attention, he was simultaneously pleased that he wasn’t the center of Russell’s attention. On his own, the younger Cetus never would have gone up to Russell for help. On his own, Dade wouldn’t have gone to anyone for help, now that Rose and Holland were gone. Well, maybe Drew, but it was complicated now that Dade knew that Drew thought he knew things. Things about Dade that Dade himself wasn’t sure he knew. It was all very complicated and Russell really didn’t have to get involved.

Of course, then he asked the question that Dade really wished people would stop asking, and what had been something approaching sympathy for someone clearly caught up in (or the focus of?) Rose’s machinations went away rapidly. What was Claudia doing to bother him? What kind of question was that? Why did it matter? This was why Dade hadn’t bothered asking anyone for help to begin with. They just asked stupid questions about what was happening and why it was happening instead of just - well, Dade didn’t really know what he wanted people to do. What he really wanted was for Claudia to be expelled, and maybe Connor while they were at it, but Dade knew that the Head Boy couldn’t do that.

“She’s following me around and planning things with my brother,” he said. “She’s trying to make people hate me so that when she attacks me again nobody will pay attention.” Dade still wasn’t sure what Connor and Claudia’s ultimate plan was, but he knew that it would end up in them attacking him, like Claudia had attacked Holland and Danny. It was just a matter of time, and Dade had to be ready. Even though Drew claimed he understood what was happening with Dade, sometimes Dade felt like Drew wasn’t taking the threat as seriously as he should. Things were better now that Dade had the Age Line for his room, but you could cast spells across an Age Line. Or at least, he was pretty sure you could. And Dade was definitely sure that Connor would do whatever Claudia wanted, even if it was to his little brother.

After all, it was Connor who had told their father what was going on. It was Connor who had told Claudia what was going on. Without Connor, nobody would know Dade’s - whatever it was. Did it count as a secret if it was something you didn’t even know about yourself? He sure as hell didn’t want to talk about it with anyone, but did that make it a secret? Dade wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure about anything. And he definitely didn’t want to be talking to Russell about any of this.

To occupy himself, Dade opened the lid of the carrying cage a little bit and stuck one finger inside. The rat’s little nose twitched and it moved so that it was standing up on its back feet until its nose was nearly touching Dade’s finger. It sniffed him for a second and then fell back down so that it was standing on four paws again. That’s kind of cute, Dade thought, almost distracted from the conversation at hand. He looked back at Russell, hoping that this awkward little chat was going to end sooner rather than later.

  • The first thing Russell noticed was that the person to interrupt him this time was the youngest Farnon. However, far from this bringing relief that he hadn’t inadvertently shared spell theory with a... more
    • Well that was easy - Dade, Wed Jul 25 15:52
      • I made something easier? Wow that's new - Russell, Wed Jul 25 22:37
        Looking away from the rodent again, he listened with increasing concern as Dade described how exactly Claudia was bothering him. He couldn’t say he was surprised, but he also couldn’t say he wasn’t.... more
        • There's a first time for everything - Dade, Thu Jul 26 11:06
          Okay, maybe Russell wasn’t a complete idiot. Unlike some people (Marley) he seemed to be taking Dade seriously. Considering his position at the school, Russell was a good person to be taking Dade... more
          • And what a surprise it is! - Russell, Sun Aug 5 00:18
            To his great and clear surprise, thin eyebrows having both jumped up his forehead with the approximate speed at which he preferred to jump out of the way of Marissa’s uncomfortably talkative sister... more
            • Well, what kind of surprise is it? - Dade, Wed Aug 8 12:44
              It seemed like Russell was super into holding the rat, so Dade opened the carrying cage and waited for the older boy to scoop up the little critter inside. First, Russell let the rat sniff him and... more
              • A warm'n'fuzzy one - Russell, Tue Aug 14 21:58
                Russell nodded understandingly. Names were tricky and he certainly hadn’t expected Dade to have already picked one out. Even asking the younger boy if he had any name ideas when he had presumably... more
                • That seems like a nice surprise - Dade, Thu Aug 16 19:55
                  The idea of a rat rescue had never occurred to Dade. He supposed it kind of made sense. There were rescues for dogs and cats, so it stood to reason that people would want to give up a rat or... more
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