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Wed Jul 25, 2018 22:37

Looking away from the rodent again, he listened with increasing concern as Dade described how exactly Claudia was bothering him. He couldn’t say he was surprised, but he also couldn’t say he wasn’t. Couldn’t say anything, really. It wasn’t as if he knew Claudia at all, and he didn’t even know her through Danny, on account of Danny also being relatively unknown. Was she actually plotting against Dade? Who knew? But if there was anything Russell had learned in his seventeen years - anything in terms of social interaction, that was; he was not unintelligent in other areas, like academia or animal care or how to sun-proof a window in under one minute - it was that whether or not an opinion was accurate didn’t matter nearly as much as how strongly the person with the opinion believed it was. Which meant he had to do something about it. (It would have meant that anyways, because Rose, but still.)

“Okay, you need to know that no one would ignore an attack. Erm, some people might,” he acknowledged, “but I wouldn’t.” Dade didn’t need to know that he hadn’t exactly paid attention the first time around. “Cetis stick together,” Russell added, because that sounded like the type of thing a Head Boy and Quidditch Captain would say. “But uh, even if people hate you,” which he doubted as Dade had done nothing to be unlikeable as far as he was aware, aside from the part where he set Claudia on fire, but that would be unproductive to mention with the older Farnon doing her looming-in-the-background thing, “they won’t ignore you being attacked. They’d want to know about it and, I don’t know, cheer it on or something. Right? So if that’s Claudia’s plan, it, well, it... sucks,” he trailed off. His gaze had zoomed back to the rodent as it was being adorable and trying to meet Dade properly. Awwww.

Nope, no watery eyes, that was not allowed right now. He looked at Rose again, visibly winced, and turned back to Dade. “Umm, you can sit, if you want. Just… give me a second to think. I’m sure there’s something I can do for you.” There had to be. Russell ran through the list of things Dade was concerned about.

How about the first half of Dade’s explanation, the part about how Claudia was trying to make people hate him? In terms of stopping Claudia, well, Russell had no idea how she was (if she even was) doing that, so would not be able to stop her anyways. But in theory, if he could prove to Dade that people didn’t hate him, that would help. The tricky part of this theory was that Russell could hardly prove to himself that people didn’t hate him, so the odds of being able to trick Dade into believing that were next to none, and the odds of being able to genuinely get people to like Dade were also next to none for the very similar reason that he was unable to sway people’s opinions of himself. So that was a dead end.

Dade had mentioned Claudia was scheming with his brother, Connor. So he should try to… separate them, so that Dade wasn’t so worried about it? Made sense, except Claudia and Connor were both in Cetus, and that seemed like it would make separating them harder. Putting a repulsion jinx on them would be frowned upon by the administration, and trying to enforce a gender division in the commons was a repulsive thought in itself, in addition to being just generally a bad idea. Having hit a roadblock on that, Russell moved on to another Claudia comment, which was the claim that she was following Dade. Okay, that was easier to deal with. He just needed to get Dade an enchanted mirror to watch behind him. Or a foe-glass. Yeah, super easy, and probably super cheap to buy, too. But as a possible alternative…

“Do you have a sneakoscope?” The question came out pretty abruptly, in contrast with his thoughtful silence of the past few minutes, and Russell could feel a blush rising that was probably too obvious with his too pale skin tone. He continued on anyways, because dawdling in helping her brother seemed a good way to encourage Rose to start flicking hexes at him. “They’re sensitive to all types of bad intentions, and I don’t know if the can be tuned specifically to tell when someone’s following you, but umm we could ask the staff at Cotopaxi, I think they sell ‘em. I can go with you. And maybe get this little guy a treat.” He belatedly realized that the latter had come out of his mouth, but it was too late to redact. He also belatedly realized that he had reached out and his hand was hovering against the side of the cage, and quickly pulled it back. “Uh. Heh. Sorry.” An explanation was probably necessary, and he added, using past tense with some difficulty, “I used to have a mouse.”

  • Well that was easy - Dade, Wed Jul 25 15:52
    It seemed like Russell was distracted by the rat in Dade’s carrying cage. It was a pretty cute rat, Dade wasn’t denying that, but Russell was a seventh-year and Dade would have figured a seventh-year ... more
    • I made something easier? Wow that's new - Russell, Wed Jul 25 22:37
      • There's a first time for everything - Dade, Thu Jul 26 11:06
        Okay, maybe Russell wasn’t a complete idiot. Unlike some people (Marley) he seemed to be taking Dade seriously. Considering his position at the school, Russell was a good person to be taking Dade... more
        • And what a surprise it is! - Russell, Sun Aug 5 00:18
          To his great and clear surprise, thin eyebrows having both jumped up his forehead with the approximate speed at which he preferred to jump out of the way of Marissa’s uncomfortably talkative sister... more
          • Well, what kind of surprise is it? - Dade, Wed Aug 8 12:44
            It seemed like Russell was super into holding the rat, so Dade opened the carrying cage and waited for the older boy to scoop up the little critter inside. First, Russell let the rat sniff him and... more
            • A warm'n'fuzzy one - Russell, Tue Aug 14 21:58
              Russell nodded understandingly. Names were tricky and he certainly hadn’t expected Dade to have already picked one out. Even asking the younger boy if he had any name ideas when he had presumably... more
              • That seems like a nice surprise - Dade, Thu Aug 16 19:55
                The idea of a rat rescue had never occurred to Dade. He supposed it kind of made sense. There were rescues for dogs and cats, so it stood to reason that people would want to give up a rat or... more
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