You were, actually
Thu Jul 26, 2018 17:54

It was Myffi!

“Hurrah!” Katherine said out loud, pumping one fist into the air and narrowly missing Myffi’s chin while she did so. Hurrah was such a great word. It had all of the excitement of hooray, but in an old-timey, begin-the-joust sense. Man, Kit would love to learn how to joust. It seemed so cool, like you just sort of rode horses at each other until you hit the other person just the right way and they popped right out of their saddle like a pea out of its pod. Yum, peas in pods. Was it the right time of year for there to be peas in the AgriClub gardens? Kit loved peas. Not cooked peas, raw peas, the sort that still went crunch when you ate them. Crunching things were the best things to eat, infinitely better than squishing things. Squishing things was just weird, like Jell-O. How did you even eat Jell-O? Usually Kit just let it sit in her mouth waiting for it to do something before eventually swallowing it whole when Dad gave her a Look, and then choking sometimes.

That was why she didn’t each Jell-O very much. It was a very strange food to eat and Katherine was not a very strange person, so it didn’t match up.

“Let’s go on a scavenge-venture together,” the Lyra said excitedly. “I’m just picking stuff up until I’m inspired, you know? I don’t know where Jon went so I need to make another one maybe. Or maybe I can make something else, like a balloon animal but it’s a trash animal. Or maybe even something super artsy,” Kit had been to an art museum once and there was all sorts of cool, weird stuff there, “and then I can put it on display or something! Maybe even get extra credit in cultural studies because sculptures are totally culture and stuff, right Myffi? C’mon, let’s go!”

With that, Katherine grabbed Myffi’s hand and started to skip down the bricks of Pearl Street Mall. It was so great that Myffi was still here. She wasn’t as good as Marissa, but that was okay because she was still pretty darn nifty! And nobody could be as good as Marissa, not even Marissa’s best friend Rose. Or even Danny. But if Kit super duper had to pick a different older sister, she’d pick Danny. Well technically Danny wasn’t a sister yet but he totally could be. Kit could definitely make Danny into a sister with some time, costuming, and effort. What would Danny’s new name be, if he were her sister? Hm. Clip was his experiment’s name, but that wasn’t a good people name. Something that started with a C or a K then. Carly! Carly was a good name. Yes, if Danny was ever Kit’s sister she’d call him Carly.

  • Inspiration for your scavenging - Myfanwy Owen, Thu Jul 26 12:17
    Fridays were dry goods delivery days at the whole foods store that employed Myfanwy part-time during the months she spent at RMI. The start of term involved a few weeks of getting the balance right... more
    • You were, actually - Katherine, Thu Jul 26 17:54
      • Glad to be of service - Myfanwy, Sat Jul 28 13:54
        Kit had been really receptive to concepts that Myffi held in high importance, including vegetarianism and repurposing waste. It was so exciting to have made an impact on anyone at all, but even... more
        • How glad is glad? - Katherine, Mon Aug 6 13:49
          Ooh, Myffi had found some blue plastic wrap! That would be perfect for - well, Katherine wasn’t entirely sure what it would be perfect for, but definitely something. Would she have to wash it first?... more
          • Glad as glad can be - Myffi, Tue Aug 7 15:27
            Walking along with Kit was kind of like having a puppy who was still sort of in training. Or at least Myfanwy would guess that’s what it was like, as she’d never had a puppy; her family had only ever ... more
            • I'm gladder than that! - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 11:46
              “Not having,” Kit corrected her older friend, throwing herself suddenly on a bench. “That’s how come they don’t know if they’re getting a baby or a real kid yet. The government has a buncha kids that ... more
              • Kit took a seat on a conveniently empty bench, and Myffi sat down beside her, watching the energetic redhead as she corrected Myfanwy’s guess. “Oh, right, okay,” Myffi said when Kit was done, her... more
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