Better to be stuck in a rut?
Thu Jul 26, 2018 18:53

Alena had always assumed that Claudia Dubois was exactly the sort of person Papa would wish her to interact with. However, there had been many whispered conversations about the older girl throughout last term, particularly in relation to what Alena could only detect had been some sort of corridor ambush involving Dade Farnon. Whether Claudia had been the victim or the perpetrator of the attack remained unclear but when Alena had told her family of the rumours they had been very distressed. Secretly, she was beginning to wonder if her family weren’t a tad dramatic because they had also reacted poorly when she had shared the news about Darlene Knight’s relationship with Drew Tennent. Alena wasn’t sure why Papa disapproved of Drew so vehemently ( he always appeared to be kind and considerate, a proper gentleman) but he had expressed his lack of respect for the Knight family as a whole. Every pureblood family had it’s fair share of miscreants but according to Papa the Knights had a few black sheep too many- and all within a generation. It had all been a bit too much for Alena to grasp but had something to do with wayward daughters and it was clear he had little hope that Darlene would continue to live in proper society past adolescence. He had gone so far as to suggest she limit her time in Darlene's company- least she pick up a few bad habits.

Papa’s reaction to the corridor ambush had been even more intense as he threatened to write to the school board but Alena had pleaded with him not to embarrass her. She had been unhurt and had not even witnessed the event. Who knew if it had even been the work of a student, perhaps Shifty had been at fault? But when she had suggested this it only created greater alarm, and though she was sure she had persuaded Papa to look the other way just this once, she knew that her sister had written to the Lyra head of house to express her concern. Charline had declared it her duty to look out for Alena’s welfare, taking it upon herself to fill the role left vacant by Maman’s demise and Alena had found her incapable to reason with.

Once she had returned to RMI, Alena had decided that whatever had occured the previous term had obviously been dealt with by the school and it wasn’t any of Alena’s business whether Claudia had had any role in it. Claudia had always been polite and friendly, if a little reserved, she appeared to be everything Alena should aspire to be. She was also one of Nolan’s friends and Alena trusted his judgement. She found it difficult to believe that someone as level headed as Nolan would continue to be friends with someone who had proven themselves unstable. So she did not hesitate to smile warmly at Claudia as she accepted the invitation to join her, “Good morning, Claudia. Are you doing a little back to school shopping too?” It was only after Claudia took a seat that Alena remembered what she was wearing, and how it may be perceived by the other girl. “I’m trying to blend in,” she gestured coyly toward her muggle clothing, trying to finish a conversation about her unusual attire before it began. She hoped that Claudia would view the dalliance with muggle culture as an amusement, rather than a cause for scandal.

  • New is not always better - Claudia Dubois, Sun Jul 22 05:37
    Similarly to Boulder’s Pearl Street, there were parts of New Orleans where stores sold genuine magical supplies amongst mundane Muggle spiritualist paraphernalia, so Claudia always returned to school ... more
    • Better to be stuck in a rut? - Alena, Thu Jul 26 18:53
      • Change the rules, not the game - Claudia, Sat Jul 28 14:28
        The fifth year wasn’t certain she would necessarily label her outing according to Alena’s phrasing, but the words were sufficiently ambiguous to be open to interpretation. Therefore rather than... more
        • That doesn't sound fair - Alena, Thu Aug 2 08:29
          “You do yourself a disservice,” Alena replied smiling, “I think your dress is delightful.” Indeed, Claudia was very aesthetically pleasing, Alena thought enviously, it was no surprise she received... more
          • Life's not Fair - Claudia, Mon Aug 6 07:50
            Alena’s assessment of her dress as ‘delightful’ was not inaccurate - perhaps the fourth year had some idea of fashion after all - but Claudia did not always necessarily wish to embody that particular ... more
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