Glad to be of service
Sat Jul 28, 2018 13:54

Kit had been really receptive to concepts that Myffi held in high importance, including vegetarianism and repurposing waste. It was so exciting to have made an impact on anyone at all, but even better that it was a young, bright mind with a level of enthusiasm that very few people could meet. Admittedly there were aspects of a planet-friendly approach that Kit hadn’t quite grasped yet, but she was still quite young, and there was plenty of time for her to learn more, and to teach others how to preserve and protect their planet. Her current interest in making a sculpture from recycled rubbish was an indication of her creative approach to solving problems and Myfanwy thought it was inspirational. “Letting your materials present you with an idea is sometimes the best way to start a project,” she agreed to Kit’s premise. An artist herself - although Myfanwy stuck almost exclusively to sketches - the seventh year was familiar with the feeling of wanting to create but having no certainty in how the finished project might look.

She honestly had no idea about getting extra credit for cultural studies, and honestly she thought it was unlikely, but she didn’t want to smother Kit’s enthusiasm, especially not when she couldn’t be sure, so Myffi didn’t comment on that. Instead, she slung the other strap of her back up her arm so she was carrying it on both shoulders, with a more balanced weight distribution, as she agreed, “Yes, let’s go on a scavenger-venture.” She changed course and set off back the way she had come, away from the school. It wasn’t late; if they needed to stop for refreshments then Myffi was happy to do that in one of the mall’s cafes that served vegan food.

Myffi liked Kit. She was fun, and totally unpredictable, and okay she was probably hard work in classes, but Myffi had never had classes with her, and probably never would (unless a professor held a multiple-years class, which sometimes happened, but so far not in a class that Myffi shared with Kit, that she could recall), so that was a moot point. She was fine to share a room with, too, at least for a short duration as a break from having nobody to talk to in her dormitory. Then again, when Myfanwy wasn’t at RMI she slept in a tent that was more often than not occupied by her older sister, Cledan, but honestly that was never certain: personal property was not a highly revered concept on the commune, so sometimes other people would sleep in Myffi’s tent, and sometimes she’d have to find somewhere else to sleep because her tent was full. In comparison, having Kit camp on her floor for a couple of nights every so often was super convenient.

“How about this?” Myffi asked, picking up a piece of blue cellophane that had caught in some scrub-like weeds protruding from the base of a building. In the commune the children often used scrap cellophane to make suncatchers. She could show Kit how to do that when they got back to school. She now suspected that Kit’s interest in the yoga flier had been its paper, not its print, but perhaps she would offer to show her that, too, anyway.

  • You were, actually - Katherine, Thu Jul 26 17:54
    It was Myffi! “Hurrah!” Katherine said out loud, pumping one fist into the air and narrowly missing Myffi’s chin while she did so. Hurrah was such a great word. It had all of the excitement of... more
    • Glad to be of service - Myfanwy, Sat Jul 28 13:54
      • How glad is glad? - Katherine, Mon Aug 6 13:49
        Ooh, Myffi had found some blue plastic wrap! That would be perfect for - well, Katherine wasn’t entirely sure what it would be perfect for, but definitely something. Would she have to wash it first?... more
        • Glad as glad can be - Myffi, Tue Aug 7 15:27
          Walking along with Kit was kind of like having a puppy who was still sort of in training. Or at least Myfanwy would guess that’s what it was like, as she’d never had a puppy; her family had only ever ... more
          • I'm gladder than that! - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 11:46
            “Not having,” Kit corrected her older friend, throwing herself suddenly on a bench. “That’s how come they don’t know if they’re getting a baby or a real kid yet. The government has a buncha kids that ... more
            • Kit took a seat on a conveniently empty bench, and Myffi sat down beside her, watching the energetic redhead as she corrected Myfanwy’s guess. “Oh, right, okay,” Myffi said when Kit was done, her... more
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