Change the rules, not the game
Sat Jul 28, 2018 14:28

The fifth year wasn’t certain she would necessarily label her outing according to Alena’s phrasing, but the words were sufficiently ambiguous to be open to interpretation. Therefore rather than contradict them, she answered, “I’ve come to find inspiration for a more aesthetically amenable wardrobe.” The dress she currently wore was pale pink with gold chantilly lace trim, and it was ruched at the waist with a knee-length skirt and short sleeves. It had the pretty but conservative vibe in which Claudia was most comfortable, but the color scheme felt too young for her on this style of dress. Wearing her dark blonde hair up had just made her look younger, so Claudia had elected to leave it down; she wore a thin line of gold eyeliner and a half-lid of pale pink eyeshadow to compliment her outfit.

Claudia had not noticed Alena’s attire below her waist until the younger girl drew her attention to it, at which point she had to school her expression into something neutral so that her dismay and disapproval did not show themselves too strongly on her features. Claudia owned pants, but she wore them rarely: only when a professor warned them in advance that the class would be particularly physical (and even then she would leave her uniform robes on if that was an option). She had never worn a pair of jeans. It was jarring to see them on Magdalena, but after her initial surprise, Claudia respected her companion’s gall. Obviously the garment was wildly inappropriate for someone of Alena’s status, but her daring to wear such a thing out in public was impressive.

Smiling reservedly across the table, she said, “I understand wanting to blend in.” Claudia was always nervous in crowds, however, “but, forgive me, I think your solution might be rather extreme.” Claudia sipped her drink and glanced again at the offending item. Wary of upsetting Alena, who had always seemed as reserved as Claudia herself, she added, “The line between innocuous and inappropriate can be treacherous to navigate.” She had never had any trouble with it herself - in fact the times Claudia wore less conservative clothes was when she was trying to stand out, not to blend in - but perhaps Magdalena did not have an eye for fashion.

After a moment’s consideration, Claudia said, “I would be delighted if you would accompany me on my outing today.” She tried to make the invitation appear as such, although in reality Claudia would have no choice but to be offended if refused. “It can be very trying compiling a wardrobe that is both conservative and attractive, but perhaps we can accomplish something for each of us if we put our heads together.” She took another mouthful of her beverage, brown eyes watching Alena carefully over the rim of her disposable paper teacup.

  • Better to be stuck in a rut? - Alena, Thu Jul 26 18:53
    Alena had always assumed that Claudia Dubois was exactly the sort of person Papa would wish her to interact with. However, there had been many whispered conversations about the older girl throughout... more
    • Change the rules, not the game - Claudia, Sat Jul 28 14:28
      • That doesn't sound fair - Alena, Thu Aug 2 08:29
        “You do yourself a disservice,” Alena replied smiling, “I think your dress is delightful.” Indeed, Claudia was very aesthetically pleasing, Alena thought enviously, it was no surprise she received... more
        • Life's not Fair - Claudia, Mon Aug 6 07:50
          Alena’s assessment of her dress as ‘delightful’ was not inaccurate - perhaps the fourth year had some idea of fashion after all - but Claudia did not always necessarily wish to embody that particular ... more
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