Satveer Mittal
I name this ship... [tag Katherine]
Mon Jul 30, 2018 16:25

Satveer had spent what felt like weeks, meticulously planning for this day, and it had finally arrived. The day of the date had arrived. His date. His first date with Katherine Kendrick!

As well as his normal school studies, and when Satveer hadnít been stealing snippets of time with Katherine, Satveer had been preoccupied with, and preparing for, their date. At the start of the week, Satveer had spent an entire evening hidden away in one of the smaller studios in the Lyra common room. There on a brown tea stained parchment, in black ink, Satveer had penned an official request for Katherineís presence at the weekend:
Katherine Kendrick.

It would be wonderful if you join me this Saturday for an afternoon of sculpting, upcycling and animating. Followed by a leisurely stroll and dinner for two.
I look forward to meeting you outside the entrance to the Wicca shop, by the street lamp, at 2pm.

~ Satveer ~

After (a lot of) practicing, Satveer then folded the parchment into an origami crane and charmed it to fly, when released, to Katherine in her dorm. He then did as he intended, and released it on the cusp of curfew when he was sure Katherine was in her dorm. As much as he was trying not to take sides, Satveer fully understood why Katherine didnít want to return to her dorm with Darlene, but he had silently hoped that it would have worn off over the summer. He wasnít a fan of confrontation.

Satveer spent the rest of his free time that week finalising details for the date. The deposit for the sculpting session at the Wicca store was, thankfully, all paid up. Because Satveer didnít have an owl of his own, he had managed to sweet talk Professor Embers into letting him use her owl to send the deposit - ďAnything for young loveĒ. Satveer already liked Professor Embers, but this was something else! Whilst Bal, his sister, had previously assured him that all girls like flowers, heíd decided not to get any as he felt that would be too much. And anyway, Kit would have the golem as a token of the date. He purposely hadnít booked a restaurant. Whilst heíd earmarked two hours for it, he wasnít sure how long the sculpting would take. Having scoped out the restaurants, he had a slight preference for Vesuvius because it seemed cool and potentially offered some good topics of conversation. He thought though, that heíd let Katherine decided, just in case she wanted to visit a muggle one. He wanted it to be just right!

Satveer had woken up with the same butterflies in his tummy that heíd gone to bed with. Since the opening feast, Satveer and Katherine had gotten closer and had started spending a little more time together. Katherine saw them as a couple, and whilst Satveer didnít disagree, they hadnít even held hands in private yet, let alone in public. He surprised himself with how eager he was to publicly affirm their Ďcouple statusí.

Satveer had gotten up early to avoid as many housemates as possible. If word had gotten out that today was THE day, then he didnít want to have to deal with what other people had to say about it. He was nervous enough as it was. After breakfast Satveer attempted to catchup up on some studying in the library, but found himself either too preoccupied or too excited to focus.

As the other students made their way to lunch, Satveer absconded to the dorms and emptied his wardrobe in search of the right outfit. After an exhaustive search, he opted for his pristine fat skater trainers with the purple souls, black, neat boot-cut jeans and a white, long sleeve cotton shirt (with white embroidered lines and patterns on). Throughout the numerous clothing iterations, Satveer had tried them on both with and without his turban. Ultimately deciding to not wear it on the date keep his black hair in a ponytail. This was the first time Satveer had gone out in public without his turban. He didnít see it as an act of defiance, more of a statement about modern Sikhism, or at least thatís how he chose to come to terms with it. Whatever his motive, he wasnít sure his father or any of the elders at temple would see it that way.

Having made his way to Pearl Street, Satveer stood anxiously outside the Wicca store feeling a little conspicuous. Especially after all the media and stories about people of colour in America. Satveer eyed the clock in the next-door store's window. It was almost 2pm. This was it!

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    • Do you name ships or christen them? - Katherine Kendrick, Wed Aug 1 12:11
      Obviously the first thing that Katherine had done once she was done with the dinner where Satveer had asked her about a date was to tell Drew all about it. He didnít seem nearly as excited as she was ... more
      • Technically, both in the ship launching ceremony - Satveer Mittal, Thu Aug 2 09:45
        As Katherines arms wrapped around him, Satveer grinned an excited sort of grin. This was it! Satveer felt a little embarrassed at Katherines acknowledgement of his planning skills. He feared that... more
        • And what a ship-launching ceremony this is - Katherine, Mon Aug 6 14:29
          Honestly, Katherine was a teensy-weensy bit overwhelmed because there was just so much going on. All the dates that Kit had ever seen or heard about was stuff like going to get coffee (which Kit... more
          • It has bubbles and everything! - Satveer, Tue Aug 7 15:45
            Katherineís assertion that this was going to be fun was all Satveer needed. Affirmation of a successfully planned and, so far, executed date. In all his research, which admittedly was limited,... more
            • That's what really does it - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 12:33
              While Kit was staring at her pop, Satveer got up to fetch some things that the shop had left for them. He was still talking to her though, so she didnít feel super awkward or anything. And he was... more
              • Magic bubbles! - Satveer, Mon Aug 20 06:56
                Satveer couldnít help but blush. ď date idea in the history of everĒ . What an accolade. What a triumph. What a thing to brag about to Drew. Actually, what a thing for Katherine to brag about... more
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