But you already know my secret identity!
Wed Feb 1, 2017 16:33

“Don’t let me knock you off your broom,” Nick said with a laugh at Holland’s request for advice.

If he had thought about it, Nick probably would have remembered that Holland had been on reserves for as long as they’d been playing Quidditch. He’d definitely seen them in a few games, but hadn’t really made the connection between someone subbing in and someone being first string. As a rule, he didn’t ask Frankie about what his team was up to. It seemed like cheating, somehow, especially now that both boys were Quidditch Captain. And since Nick was Head Boy on top of that, he felt compelled to act with a greater degree of ethics. Or something like that. Head Boy probably should also be a decent person and so Nick tried to be decent.

Anyway, the Draco was running out of things that Frankie and Holland might have in common. Frankie’s Thing was Quidditch, a lot like Nick’s Thing was movies. Although, he supposed, he had gotten Frankie kind of into movies. The pair of them snuck out not infrequently to go to the movies at the theater on Pearl Street, since their Saturday special was technically after curfew. Maybe that was an angle that would work.

“Frankie’s more into Quidditch than I am,” Nick admitted, trying to turn the topic of conversation to his new plan of attack. “But I got him really into movies. B movies are my favorite, and cult classics. We sometimes go to this event that the theater down at the end of the Mall has, where they show a double feature cult film. It starts at ten thirty so we have to sneak out, but it’s usually worth it. Plus tickets and popcorn are really cheap.” In Nick’s opinion, it wasn’t really a movie without a tub of greasy, buttery popcorn. He almost always ate healthily, but movie theater popcorn was one of his big exceptions. That and ice cream.

He licked around the side of his cone, catching errant drops of ice cream that were threatening to start decorating the pavement in front of him. The seventh year’s tongue fizzed and he grinned. There was nothing better after a long dance class than chilling with an ice cream cone and a friend, even if that friend was someone Frankie was romantically interested in.

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    • But you already know my secret identity! - Nick, Wed Feb 1 16:33
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