Katherine Kendrick
Do you name ships or christen them?
Wed Aug 1, 2018 12:11

Obviously the first thing that Katherine had done once she was done with the dinner where Satveer had asked her about a date was to tell Drew all about it. He didn’t seem nearly as excited as she was (which was okay because Drew was never as excited as she was) and wouldn’t even admit that he was jealous of her going on a date with Satveer. Not because Drew wanted to go on a date with her, but because Kit was sure that everyone wanted to go on a date with Satveer. He was so nice and he could do art (he’d done art for her!) and he knew about Lilo and Stitch. The next thing that Katherine had done was to tell Darby very loudly about her upcoming date with Satveer, just to make Darlene jealous. Drew was pretty cool, but he wasn’t cool in a dating kind of way. He was cool in the best-friend-and-cousin kind of way. Darlene was clearly super jealous even though she didn’t say anything.

(It did seem like Kit’s plan to have Darby steal Darlene’s socks was working though, because she had witnessed Darlene complain loudly about where her socks had gone at least twice since the beginning of the term. Katherine was practically an evil genius, except for having a white cat she had a roseknee tarantula. Which made her the best evil genius. Ever.)

After Darby-slash-Darlene, Katherine had immediately written to her parents about the date. She received an owl back the next day, where Mom said nice things and weird questions in Dad’s handwriting appeared in the margins. Katherine wasn’t entirely sure why Dad wanted to know where they were going or what Satveer would be wearing or what Drew and her Grandpas had to say about it, but she answered the questions cheerfully a few days later (with three “I don’t know”s written in the colour-changing ink she’d gotten for her birthday).

When Katherine received Satveer’s note, which looked super artistic and pretty and immediately won a spot on the wall above her desk, she squeaked in excitement and flailed so much that Darby scuttled away from her until she calmed down. After she apologized to Darby, Katherine had also owled her older sister about the date and asked for advice on what to wear, not because she felt like she needed help picking out an outfit, but because on TV that’s what people usually did when they had a date.

Taking some of Marissa’s input into consideration, on the day of the date Kit had ultimately opted for a red-and-black plaid skirt that reached just above her knees with red tights, black heeled boots, and a matching black, scoop-neck top. She felt super duper grown up, and also a little bit chilly. It was probably worth looking as cool as she did though. Katherine was pretty sure she looked just like Marissa, even if she had a little bit of trouble walking in the boots, it was worth it. Marissa was so cool and so good at dating. How could anyone not want to be just like Marissa? This date with Satveer was a perfect way to get everyone to understand how much more mature Katherine was now than she had been last year.

She skipped happily down to the commonroom, hoping to run into Satveer so they could go together, but Katherine didn’t see him and as it was almost 2, she skipped quickly to the elevator that led to Pearl Street, rode it up, waved hello to owner of Lighthouse Books, and walked quickly to the Wiccan shop, which was by the copper statues of animals that Katherine liked so much. Looking around once she spotted the shop, Katherine was searching for someone her size who was wearing a turban. It wasn’t until she almost tripped over Satveer that she realized that he was not, in fact, wearing his turban. And he had such long, pretty black hair! It was tied back, but Kit really wanted to braid it. She wasn’t the best at braiding her own hair, but Satveer’s was like ten billion times less curly and was probably easier to braid.

“Satveer!” Katherine squeed, wrapping her arms around him enthusiastically. “Hi! Are you ready for our date? I’m super ready. So ready. You’re so good at planning!”

  • I name this ship... [tag Katherine] - Satveer Mittal, Mon Jul 30 16:25
    Satveer had spent what felt like weeks, meticulously planning for this day, and it had finally arrived. The day of the date had arrived. His date. His first date with Katherine Kendrick! As well as... more
    • Do you name ships or christen them? - Katherine Kendrick, Wed Aug 1 12:11
      • Technically, both in the ship launching ceremony - Satveer Mittal, Thu Aug 2 09:45
        As Katherines arms wrapped around him, Satveer grinned an excited sort of grin. This was it! Satveer felt a little embarrassed at Katherines acknowledgement of his planning skills. He feared that... more
        • And what a ship-launching ceremony this is - Katherine, Mon Aug 6 14:29
          Honestly, Katherine was a teensy-weensy bit overwhelmed because there was just so much going on. All the dates that Kit had ever seen or heard about was stuff like going to get coffee (which Kit... more
          • It has bubbles and everything! - Satveer, Tue Aug 7 15:45
            Katherine’s assertion that this was going to be fun was all Satveer needed. Affirmation of a successfully planned and, so far, executed date. In all his research, which admittedly was limited,... more
            • That's what really does it - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 12:33
              While Kit was staring at her pop, Satveer got up to fetch some things that the shop had left for them. He was still talking to her though, so she didn’t feel super awkward or anything. And he was... more
              • Magic bubbles! - Satveer, Mon Aug 20 06:56
                Satveer couldn’t help but blush. “...best date idea in the history of ever” . What an accolade. What a triumph. What a thing to brag about to Drew. Actually, what a thing for Katherine to brag about... more
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