Satveer Mittal
Technically, both in the ship launching ceremony
Thu Aug 2, 2018 09:45

As Katherines arms wrapped around him, Satveer grinned an excited sort of grin. This was it! Satveer felt a little embarrassed at Katherines acknowledgement of his planning skills. He feared that he’d gone a little overboard. He always packed too much or prepared too much but this time, he hoped this time, it was just right. “Of course, I’m so happy you came.” He grinned some more.

Satveer moved towards the door but as he approached the handle, the door opened and the lovely shop assistant Satveer had been communicating with greeted them. ”Mr Mittal, Miss Kendrick” smiled a skinny lady with black hair. As the assistant moved back from the doorway, Satveer gestured to Katherine to enter first. ‘Chivalry is a family standard’ as Satveer’s great grandfather would say - Even into his late 90s, he still held the door for women, ladies, girls and the infirm.

With both Katherine and Satveer in the shop, the assistant introduced herself as Sally, before showing them the way to their room. Whilst it was a short walk, the shop itself wasn’t very big, Satveer didn’t know what he should be doing, so he caught up to Katherine and walked by her side. Sally slid open the double sized sliding door and all three entered the rather large room. Satveer let out an excited chuckle of excitement and glanced at Katherine to gauge her reaction.

The room was a colourful, multipurpose space. Opposite the door, across the back wall, a number of storage cupboards and sideboards were attempting to contain craft items, recycled goods, storage boxes and even yoga mats. At one end of the room, a beaded curtain attempted to obscure a window that looked into the loading bay. In front of the beads sat four oak chairs. At the other end of the room, a number of paintings covered the walls. There were a mixture of muggle and magical paintings of all sizes, colours and shapes with no discernable theme - yet it suited the shop. Under the paintings, stacked on the floor, about 20 colourful cushions of all sizes, shapes and degrees of fluffiness sat calling to be stroked and felt. In the centre of the room was a six seater rectangular oak table and two large oak chairs. On top of the rustic table sat a potters wheel, a large oak chest labelled ‘clay’ in faded ink, a number of lengths of thick metal wire, and a scrolled up parchment. A tall tea pot with a large posey of flowers poking out sat at the centre of the table with a folded, cardboard place card stating ‘Reserved, Mr Mittal & Miss Kendrick’.

Satveer and Katherine walked further into the room and Sally explained what it was they were going to be doing today. Satveer understood the theory, but once Sally had explained it, In essence, they were going to be making an animation armature and using the clay to sculp the body. She’d also explained that whilst this type of golem is normally made entirely of earth, they would be using a metal armature to give it strength and longevity. The golem they were creating would be unlike most, normal golems. It wouldn’t follow its masters commands, it would only follow a simple animated path. Satver didn’t think the school would approve of a pet golem walking around. Whilst Sally went into a little more of the background of golems then he cared for, Satveer hoped Katherine found it useful. Sally assured them both that once their golem was made, and before they charmed it, Katherine could raid the ‘Bits and Bobs’ cupboard on the back wall, and upcycle it however she saw fit. She even hinted that the decoration could help define what he does / his path. Sally then informed them, that once their golem was complete they should follow the instruction on the scroll. As she departed, Sally asked what they would like to drink. Satveer echoed Katherines request in a cold soda and as she left, sally wished them a fun time ”I’ll send your drinks in shortly. If you need anything, please give me a shout. Have fun you two!”

As Sally left, Satveer looked at Katherine and made his way towards the table, “Is this, OK?” he asked, seeking reassurance.

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  • Do you name ships or christen them? - Katherine Kendrick, Wed Aug 1 12:11
    Obviously the first thing that Katherine had done once she was done with the dinner where Satveer had asked her about a date was to tell Drew all about it. He didn’t seem nearly as excited as she was ... more
    • Technically, both in the ship launching ceremony - Satveer Mittal, Thu Aug 2 09:45
      • And what a ship-launching ceremony this is - Katherine, Mon Aug 6 14:29
        Honestly, Katherine was a teensy-weensy bit overwhelmed because there was just so much going on. All the dates that Kit had ever seen or heard about was stuff like going to get coffee (which Kit... more
        • It has bubbles and everything! - Satveer, Tue Aug 7 15:45
          Katherine’s assertion that this was going to be fun was all Satveer needed. Affirmation of a successfully planned and, so far, executed date. In all his research, which admittedly was limited,... more
          • That's what really does it - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 12:33
            While Kit was staring at her pop, Satveer got up to fetch some things that the shop had left for them. He was still talking to her though, so she didn’t feel super awkward or anything. And he was... more
            • Magic bubbles! - Satveer, Mon Aug 20 06:56
              Satveer couldn’t help but blush. “ date idea in the history of ever” . What an accolade. What a triumph. What a thing to brag about to Drew. Actually, what a thing for Katherine to brag about... more
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