How glad is glad?
Mon Aug 6, 2018 13:49

Ooh, Myffi had found some blue plastic wrap! That would be perfect for - well, Katherine wasn’t entirely sure what it would be perfect for, but definitely something. Would she have to wash it first?

“Thanks!” Kit said, taking the plastic wrap from her older friend. She promptly licked it, then made a face. It tasted kind of like marshmallows but also sharp, the way mold smelled. Yep, she’d definitely have to wash it. Maybe there was a cleaning spell that worked extra special good for plastic? Or she could totally just use some soap and the sink in her bathroom, that would be okay too. Plus it might freak Darlene out, which in Kit’s world was always a plus. Washing it in the bathroom it was. Carefully, Kit stuck the plastic wrap to the soda can, then returned to searching for other things that had been discarded. There was actually an astonishing lack of stuff that had been thrown away on the street, considering how many tourists came through here. And it wasn’t like there was a huge risk of bears in the middle of the city. Sure, in the suburbs you had to make sure you kept your garbage inside or the bears would come eat it, but that was different.

The third-year hummed and skipped along, passing by the courthouse and a falafel shop without seeing anything, even though her eyes were totally glued to the ground. They’d passed a few buskers - three people playing Incan folk music, a living statue, and one Muggle magician - but other than that there seemed to be a lull in the Pearl Street crowds. Kit was used to it being a lot busier up here when she came with her family.

“There’s usually a bunch more people here,” Katherine said to Myffi, slowing down her skipping so that she could talk but keeping her eyes glued to the ground. “Like when Mom and Dad take me, or sometimes when my Grandpas take me and Drew. Now we can go up all on our own now though it’s super exciting! I think Dad’s nervous ‘cause I’m growing up though. Him and Mom are going to kidnap some babies from the government I think.” She paused for a moment. “Well they might not be babies, they might be people. I don’t know yet but they’ll probably owl when they find out.”

It was a little scary to be a big sister, but Kit knew that Marissa would give her all the tips and because Marissa was the best big sister, Kit would follow all the tips and be the second best. She’d definitely watch Lilo and Stitch with her new younger sibling(s) and probably also Finding Nemo and maybe even Frozen. Obviously Lilo and Stitch was the best movie ever, but the other ones weren’t bad. And then there was lots and lots of anime. But if Katherine’s new little sibling(s) didn’t like watching TV, she would also do other things with them like play games and read. But also make them watch Lilo and Stitch because it was such a good movie and pretty much how would they understand what experiments they were if they hadn’t seen all of the movies and the TV show?

Hm, what experiment would Myffi be? Kit thought real hard. Probably Experiment 020, which was the experiment that talked people into giving their money for charity. Myffi was super duper good at talking people into doing good things for the planet, and if Kit had any money for charity she’d totally give it to Myffi’s.

  • Glad to be of service - Myfanwy, Sat Jul 28 13:54
    Kit had been really receptive to concepts that Myffi held in high importance, including vegetarianism and repurposing waste. It was so exciting to have made an impact on anyone at all, but even... more
    • How glad is glad? - Katherine, Mon Aug 6 13:49
      • Glad as glad can be - Myffi, Tue Aug 7 15:27
        Walking along with Kit was kind of like having a puppy who was still sort of in training. Or at least Myfanwy would guess that’s what it was like, as she’d never had a puppy; her family had only ever ... more
        • I'm gladder than that! - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 11:46
          “Not having,” Kit corrected her older friend, throwing herself suddenly on a bench. “That’s how come they don’t know if they’re getting a baby or a real kid yet. The government has a buncha kids that ... more
          • Kit took a seat on a conveniently empty bench, and Myffi sat down beside her, watching the energetic redhead as she corrected Myfanwy’s guess. “Oh, right, okay,” Myffi said when Kit was done, her... more
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