And what a ship-launching ceremony this is
Mon Aug 6, 2018 14:29

Honestly, Katherine was a teensy-weensy bit overwhelmed because there was just so much going on. All the dates that Kit had ever seen or heard about was stuff like going to get coffee (which Kit didn’t like so she was glad that they weren’t doing that) or going to dinner (which they were doing, technically, but later) or going to a Quidditch game or something. Not making a golem! But they were going to make a golem, and it was a thing they were going to do together and oh it was so exciting! But it was also a lot of things going on and Katherine wasn’t entirely sure she was keeping exact track of everything because there was just so much. So many fluffy cushions! So many instructions! So many things!

But Satveer seemed kind of nervous so Kit did what she did best and hugged him, then kissed him briefly on the cheek. Katherine had always been pretty affectionate, which nobody but Grandpa Aaron seemed to mind. Well, Grandpa Aaron didn’t mind exactly but he was always a little uncomfortable getting superduperhugs so she just gave him regular ones and not as often as everyone else. Sometimes she would give Grandpa Garen a hug for Grandpa Aaron, ‘cause they were married and did gross married people things so obviously Grandpa Garen hugged Grandpa Aaron aaaallll the time.

“It’s going to be so much fun!” Katherine reassured her friend. Boyfriend. He was her boyfriend now right? Well, she had been calling him her boyfriend since he asked her on a date but like it was really for real now that they were on a date, right? Wow, she had a boyfriend! She couldn’t remember how old Marissa had been with her first boyfriend but Katherine would bet that Marissa had a boyfriend before she told Mom and Dad she did because Dad always got all flustered about boys, which is how Kit knew that lesbians had other peoples’ babies. Danny said that wasn’t really true but Katherine was pretty sure he was wrong because Grandpa Aaron and Grandpa Garen had Drew and Madeleine and they were pretty much boy lesbians. “How do you want to start?” Katherine continued, looking at the table.

People usually didn’t let Katherine have pop, for reasons that were dumb. There was nothing wrong with being on a sugar high and she totally got a sugar high. But that’s what everyone had a problem with, which was so silly. Having a sugar high on her first date ever sounded super fun, especially since Satveer was also having pop and so he’d have a sugar high too! They could go running through Pearl Street and play tag on their way to dinner it would be great. Satveer was great. Golems were great. Everything was great!

  • Technically, both in the ship launching ceremony - Satveer Mittal, Thu Aug 2 09:45
    As Katherines arms wrapped around him, Satveer grinned an excited sort of grin. This was it! Satveer felt a little embarrassed at Katherines acknowledgement of his planning skills. He feared that... more
    • And what a ship-launching ceremony this is - Katherine, Mon Aug 6 14:29
      • It has bubbles and everything! - Satveer, Tue Aug 7 15:45
        Katherine’s assertion that this was going to be fun was all Satveer needed. Affirmation of a successfully planned and, so far, executed date. In all his research, which admittedly was limited,... more
        • That's what really does it - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 12:33
          While Kit was staring at her pop, Satveer got up to fetch some things that the shop had left for them. He was still talking to her though, so she didn’t feel super awkward or anything. And he was... more
          • Magic bubbles! - Satveer, Mon Aug 20 06:56
            Satveer couldn’t help but blush. “...best date idea in the history of ever” . What an accolade. What a triumph. What a thing to brag about to Drew. Actually, what a thing for Katherine to brag about... more
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