Glad as glad can be
Tue Aug 7, 2018 15:27

Walking along with Kit was kind of like having a puppy who was still sort of in training. Or at least Myfanwy would guess that’s what it was like, as she’d never had a puppy; her family had only ever had useful animals, which weren’t precisely pets because they served a function, even though sometimes the family did become attached to them. Myffi liked animals, all of them, but she wasn’t all that interested in keeping one just to cuddle. She’s prefer human interaction, really, someone who could talk bag to her and not just look expectantly at her and want feeding.

Anyway, Myffi had to tell Kit not to lick things because of germs or sharp edges (and really hadn’t her parents told her that by now?), and needed to keep an eye on her to stop her from wandering off, or prevent her from skipping into people when she wasn’t paying attention, which was just about all the time. Myfanwy didn’t mind, especially when Kit started chattering, because she was such easy and cheerful company to keep. Right now Kit was talking about there being more people when she usually visited the mall. Piecing together (as you sort of had to do when you were talking to Kit) that her parents could only bring her in school holidays before third year, so they must have visited as a family during summer or midterm, Myfanwy made an “Oh?” of interest. She supposed it made sense that a place relying on commercial spending would draw more visitors in holiday periods. She wouldn’t know about this particular venue, as she was always in California when there was a break at school, but she had no reason not to take Kit’s word for it.

Then the conversation seemed to suddenly tangent (again, predictable for Kit) onto her parents kidnapping babies. Okay that one was a little weird, even for the younger Kendrick. “Your parents are having a baby?” she asked, guessing at the page Kit was reading, assuming they were still even on the same book. It was plausible, she supposed; twelve years was quite a big age gap but every family was different. There were seven years between Myfanwy and her older sister, Cledan, which was sometimes quite a lot, especially when they had been growing up together, but now sometimes it didn’t feel like much at all. She’d known it happen a lot, back in Wales, that when a child started school their parents would want another baby to fill the house that was now empty in the days. Kit had already been at school a good long while, but Marissa had just left for college, so it was totally possibly that her parents decided to have another child. Although Myffi didn’t think she would want to do that again, personally; if she had kids, when they had all grown up she thought it was unlikely she’d want to go right back to the beginning again. Of course, that might not be what Kit had meant at all. She did mention the government. Myfanwy stopped jumping to conclusions and waited for Kit to respond before she made any further comment.

  • How glad is glad? - Katherine, Mon Aug 6 13:49
    Ooh, Myffi had found some blue plastic wrap! That would be perfect for - well, Katherine wasn’t entirely sure what it would be perfect for, but definitely something. Would she have to wash it first?... more
    • Glad as glad can be - Myffi, Tue Aug 7 15:27
      • I'm gladder than that! - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 11:46
        “Not having,” Kit corrected her older friend, throwing herself suddenly on a bench. “That’s how come they don’t know if they’re getting a baby or a real kid yet. The government has a buncha kids that ... more
        • Kit took a seat on a conveniently empty bench, and Myffi sat down beside her, watching the energetic redhead as she corrected Myfanwy’s guess. “Oh, right, okay,” Myffi said when Kit was done, her... more
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