Well, what kind of surprise is it?
Wed Aug 8, 2018 12:44

It seemed like Russell was super into holding the rat, so Dade opened the carrying cage and waited for the older boy to scoop up the little critter inside. First, Russell let the rat sniff him and then he gently took the rat out. It started scrambling between his hands and Dade looked on with mild curiosity. He’d never really had a pet before and didn’t exactly know how to interact with them, but it looked like Russell did. Which made sense, Dade supposed, if he’d had a mouse. Rats and mice were pretty much the same, except rats were smarter. But they both looked alike and had little tails and probably thought similarly, if not the same. And it seemed like Russell liked the rat, and that the rat liked him, at least a little. It made Dade a tiny bit anxious - what if the rat didn’t like him?

“I hadn’t thought of one yet,” the third-year admitted. “I only just got him and he didn’t have a name at the pet store. Or they didn’t tell me a name, anyway.” What did someone name a rat? Sami was Rose’s cat and he was pretty sure that she’d named the animal after something in one of the weird languages she studied for spellwork. In terms of other animals - well, Kit had Darby, but as far as he could tell that name just came out of the shallow depths of Kit’s brain rather than an actual reason. Sometimes Kit just did stuff and from everything she’d said, Dade was pretty sure that naming Darby was just one of those Kit things. And then he was pretty sure that Professor McKindy’s cat’s name was Circe, but Dade thought he might feel weird naming a rat after a famous witch or wizard.

Dade watched the rat try and stick its nose under Russell’s wristband. That was pretty cute. Maybe it should have a cute name. Spot was kind of a cute name, but that was more of a name for a dog or something. He looked around. There was a rabbit nearby, a rabbit that clearly did not feel particularly afraid of the people surrounding it. Granted, the people weren’t paying much attention, but the rabbit still seemed weirdly calm. Rabbit was a stupid name for a rat. He looked around some more and discarded ‘falafel’ as a name, then dismissed ‘flower’ as well. Then his eyes fell on the wrapper from a peppermint candy that was lying on the ground close to his feet.

“What about Peppermint?” he asked. “Is that a good name for a rat?” Dade figured that if Jaws was a good name for a mouse, Peppermint might well be a good name for a rat. And he wasn’t about to go to the library and just find a big book of names or something that he could use for the rat, assuming there was any such book. Which sounded like a stupid type of book, so Dade doubted it. Plus, he was kind of avoiding the library on basis that there might be people in it. It wasn’t always possible, but when it was, Dade preferred to not risk it.

  • And what a surprise it is! - Russell, Sun Aug 5 00:18
    To his great and clear surprise, thin eyebrows having both jumped up his forehead with the approximate speed at which he preferred to jump out of the way of Marissa’s uncomfortably talkative sister... more
    • Well, what kind of surprise is it? - Dade, Wed Aug 8 12:44
      • A warm'n'fuzzy one - Russell, Tue Aug 14 21:58
        Russell nodded understandingly. Names were tricky and he certainly hadn’t expected Dade to have already picked one out. Even asking the younger boy if he had any name ideas when he had presumably... more
        • That seems like a nice surprise - Dade, Thu Aug 16 19:55
          The idea of a rat rescue had never occurred to Dade. He supposed it kind of made sense. There were rescues for dogs and cats, so it stood to reason that people would want to give up a rat or... more
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