I'm gladder than that!
Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:46

“Not having,” Kit corrected her older friend, throwing herself suddenly on a bench. “That’s how come they don’t know if they’re getting a baby or a real kid yet. The government has a buncha kids that Mom and Dad can take, if they want. And they do want, so I’m going to be a big sister.” The redhead looked at Myffi, opening her eyes particularly widely. There was no real reason for that, she just wanted to. What if she had super far night vision, like a bobcat? That would be pretty cool, Katherine decided. Even though she wouldn’t use her night vision powers to hunt rabbits or anything (that would be mean) she could like play tag in the dark and stuff like that. Tag was a really fun game, almost as fun as Quidditch. Wait - what if they played tag on brooms? That could be super fun.

“Are you a big sister too?” Kit asked. She didn’t know very much about Myffi’s family except that she was pretty sure that Myffi didn’t have any siblings at the school. The only person that Myffi could be related to at school was Headmaster Toby, because they had the same accent pretty much. Accents were cool and Kit wanted one. How did you get an accent? Did you have to apply for one, or did you get it from your parents? Mom and Dad didn’t have an accent so Kit didn’t have one, that made sense, but what if Myffi’s parents didn’t have an accent either? She realized she would never-ever know for sure since she would never-ever meet Myffi’s family. Wow, so weird. She totally knew the families of all of her friends from elementary school, and some extra families besides that.

The idea of Darby having a family appeared in passing, but Kit discarded it pretty quickly. Tarantula families were probably way different than people families. For one, tarantulas had a bunch more legs so they could carry more babies. People only had two arms, so they could only carry like one, maybe two babies tops. And what happened with triplets? Sure, some families had two parents so they could probably work together to hold all the babies but what about the people who only had one parent? How did they hold all the babies? Man, babies were so complicated. Katherine was sure glad that she didn’t have even one baby. Darby was enough to take care of!

  • Glad as glad can be - Myffi, Tue Aug 7 15:27
    Walking along with Kit was kind of like having a puppy who was still sort of in training. Or at least Myfanwy would guess that’s what it was like, as she’d never had a puppy; her family had only ever ... more
    • I'm gladder than that! - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 11:46
      • Kit took a seat on a conveniently empty bench, and Myffi sat down beside her, watching the energetic redhead as she corrected Myfanwy’s guess. “Oh, right, okay,” Myffi said when Kit was done, her... more
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