That seems like a nice surprise
Thu Aug 16, 2018 19:55

The idea of a rat rescue had never occurred to Dade. He supposed it kind of made sense. There were rescues for dogs and cats, so it stood to reason that people would want to give up a rat or something. But if he’d been asked, Dade probably would have guessed that people would just let a rat loose in the garden or something. Then again, if you didn’t want a pet rat you almost definitely didn’t want a rat in your garden. Maybe you could release it in the garden of someone you didn’t like, but that sounded like an awful lot of work and probably not very fair to the rat, who had presumably done nothing wrong to deserve some idiot human being inflicted on it.

Thinking through how someone would get rid of a rat made Dade a little anxious, so he was a little relieved when Russell handed the rat back to him. It was pretty cute. It had a little nose and whiskers and seemed to really like running around, which Dade hadn’t really expected. He hadn’t really spent much time around rats overall though, so it wasn’t like he’d had explicitly different expectations. Honestly this whole thing had come out of nowhere and he still wasn’t very prepared for the entire experience. It was clear that Russell had a lot of rodent familiarity though - maybe Dade could ask Russell if there were any questions. Mice and rats weren’t a whole lot different.

“Hi Peppermint,” Dade tried, looking at the rat and feeling a little stupid. The rat, currently supported by its midsection with one of Dade’s hands while the other one provided a ledge for its little feet, wiggled until it successfully made it down to all fours again. “Peppermint?” Dade repeated, feeling even more stupid. He was starting to scowl while he turned an uncomfortable dark red. This was such a stupid idea.

Then the rat stood up on its back legs and sniffed the air, tilting its head in Dade’s direction before scurrying up his arm to his shoulder.

“Hey!” he yelped, feeling whiskers behind his earlobe. Dade didn’t want to move too much and knock the rat down and maybe lose it forever, but he also wasn’t sure what exactly it thought it was doing with his ear. “You’d better not bite me, rodent,” he warned. The tickling didn’t stop and now he felt little claws behind his ear. It didn’t hurt, but it did indicate that the rat was doing something to his head which seemed like a pretty bad idea. “Uh. Can you. I don’t know what it’s doing,” Dade said, trying not to move his head but looking sideways at Russell.

  • A warm'n'fuzzy one - Russell, Tue Aug 14 21:58
    Russell nodded understandingly. Names were tricky and he certainly hadn’t expected Dade to have already picked one out. Even asking the younger boy if he had any name ideas when he had presumably... more
    • That seems like a nice surprise - Dade, Thu Aug 16 19:55
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