Magic bubbles!
Mon Aug 20, 2018 06:56

Satveer couldn’t help but blush. “ date idea in the history of ever”. What an accolade. What a triumph. What a thing to brag about to Drew. Actually, what a thing for Katherine to brag about to Drew. Satveer was a fairly creative guy, by his own standards. First date awesomeness could lead to bigger things… Maybe Drew would come to Satveer for help and ideas. Satveer’s dating tips, premium tips and hints at a favour a pop. That’s a lucrative market right there!

Whilst Katherine’s suggestion was a great idea, Satveer couldn’t imagine how they’d get their little creation to walk on the ceiling. Magic was cool, but his understanding of the restricted motion golems was that it was limited to a loop. Kind of like a childs toy. Maybe that’s the thing they could ask Sally. “I don’t know. Maybe? Would it be ok if we couldn’t? I don’t know if it would. It would be awesome though! I imagine Darlene wouldn’t be too impressed.” Satveer laughed. Satveer, ever the embodiment of peace (or at least the avoider of confrontation), still didn’t understand why they couldn’t just get along. He did however understand that being Katherine’s boyfriend meant that loyalties were set.

Satveer focussed a little more on the parts lay before him. He was well aware that he was a little too picky for his own good. He wanted it to be perfect for Katherine but he also wanted her to get really involved in it. Not that she wouldn’t have made it good. But he knew how he wanted it to look, and how he would achieve that, and Katherine didn’t. Satveer unconsciously took the role of a teacher (very unsure on how Katherine would take it), and Satveer pulled together the wire bundles and twisted them into a frame, all the while telling Katherine what he was doing and why. It didn’t take long for the frame to look sturdy enough for them to apply the clay and build the body. Satveer started off, and showed Katherine how to better adheer the clay to the frame and soon the body, legs and especially the podgy arms started to look like stitch. Satveer secured the wire ball head he made along with the body to the wire at the neck and together, Satveer and Katherine applied the clay skin. “This is awesome!” Satveer cherped. “Do you want to raid the cupboard to see what we can put on him, whilst I fix his ears?”

Satveer didn’t know where Stitch would live. He liked the idea of him living in the common room where they could both enjoy it. Dating a fellow Lyra was going to have its benefits! But he presumed it would most likely live with Katherine probably in her dorm. Stitch could be good company for Darby and hopefully, a happy reminder for Katherine of their first date, when she woke in the mornings.

  • That's what really does it - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 12:33
    While Kit was staring at her pop, Satveer got up to fetch some things that the shop had left for them. He was still talking to her though, so she didn’t feel super awkward or anything. And he was... more
    • Magic bubbles! - Satveer, Mon Aug 20 06:56
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