Kaye Packman
Is what you're eating really ice cream?
Mon Feb 13, 2017 13:49

It was her first week at Rocky Mountain International, and it was the first afternoon she legitimately had free. Kaye was used to skipping classes at her old school, but when she transferred, she had promised her dads that she’d make more of an effort. Papa was particularly fond of the school choice; he remained convinced that she wouldn’t get bored. Kaye agreed that the classes, with professors, were interesting enough. It was the homework that bored her to tears.

There was probably something productive she could do with this January afternoon, but she wasn’t going to do that. She was ready to do some exploring. Since it was winter and she was in Colorado, she went up to her room to change into something warmer. To her relief, her roommate, Heather, wasn’t in Aquila at the moment.

Kaye wasn’t sure what to make of Heather, but she was already positive that Heather had come to conclusions about her. From what the pale fourth year understood, Heather never had a roommate at RMI. Kaye hadn’t exactly been welcomed with open arms. She also was subjected to some annoying questions with the pureblood fashionista once her wig came off; it was difficult to hide permanent baldness from a roommate. Kaye told her where she could shove it, and the room had been a world of delightful, awkward silence since.

Okay, maybe Kaye did know what to make of Heather already, and it wasn’t anything nice.

She kept on her purple skinny jeans with zippers on both sides, as well as her black belt, but she switched shoes. She didn’t know what Colorado weather looked like on the outside, but it was probably safe to assume that there was snow. She changed into nearly knee high, laced, black combat boots. She switched her corseted top for a slightly ragged long sleeved black shirt, and she paired it off with black suspenders. She threw on a leather jacket that she hoped would be good enough, and, after a moment of careful thought, grabbed a pair of gloves from her roommate’s desk. Some people called it stealing; Kaye liked to call it borrowing.

She got lost exactly once while finding her way to the Pearl Street elevator. She made it into the elevator, up into the bookstore, and outside—

Jesus!” Kaye exclaimed and pulled her jacket closer around her. “It’s colder than a yeti’s balls out here.”

She’d expected snow, but man, the cold took her by surprise. She was grateful that she wore the long black wig with bangs and soft purple tips. It kept her ears warm and was definitely one of her warmer wigs. It went past her neck, too, so it was almost like having a scarf. She hadn’t actually worn different wigs yet at school. She wore the same style every day, and she charmed the ends to match whatever color she was wearing that day. Kaye had tons more wigs in her room, which she wanted to proudly display but did not trust Heather in the slightest, so maybe she’d get more daring in the next week or so.

Kaye wandered Pearl Street, mentally noting that the majority of the stores seemed to be small, family owned businesses. Boo. It looked like she’d have to limit her borrowing to Heather’s wardrobe for now. Lucky Heather.

Eventually, she wanted to find a place to sit down. She came to an area with a few restaurants and scanned around with her heavily lined blue eyes, hoping to find an empty bench. All of them seemed to be occupied—hold on. One of the benches hosted a boy eating ice cream in this weather that was colder than a right wing senator’s icy heart. Interesting. More interesting was that they totally made eye contact. Well, hello there.

The grin was clearly an invitation.

Kaye made her way over to the boy and plopped down on the bench. She leaned back and looked at his ice cream, which was possibly the most confusing ice cream she’d ever seen. “Please tell me that you’re part cat or something and that’s why your ice cream smells like tuna.” She grinned. “Or that you’re just a very, very adventurous eater. I enjoy adventure, and I like cats, so either answer works for me.”

  • Nothing like a winter ice-cream - Ruben Lundqvist, Mon Feb 13 02:39
    Hands balled into fists in the pockets of his secondhand leather jacket, Ruben kicked up a cloud of snow with his boot. He turned to look down the street, thick brows furrowed with no small amount of ... more
    • Is what you're eating really ice cream? - Kaye Packman, Mon Feb 13 13:49
      • If it's not, then I sure got scammed - Ruben, Mon Feb 13 20:58
        What did you know? Eye contact did something. The girl actually approached him. Huh, that was a heck of a lot easier than he had thought it might be. Not that he had really had a specific goal in... more
        • You may have gotten scammed - Kaye, Sat Feb 18 17:21
          Ooo, privyet. She pushed away the Russian that was trying to slip out, only because she wasn’t entirely fluent yet. Papa didn’t speak it well, but Grandmama did, and so did a lot of her cousins. Kaye ... more
          • I'll have to get another one, then - Ruben, Sun Feb 19 01:24
            Although she looked skeptical, the girl still took him up on his challenge. The fact that she pretty much instantly spit the ice-cream back out was pretty funny - Ruben couldn’t hold back a sudden... more
            • I guess I'll tag along for that - Kaye, Sun Feb 19 19:34
              He was laughing at her, which was fine. She expected it, and she didn’t mind. Kaye was pretty used to being laughed at by assholes who didn’t know any better. At least in this moment, she was... more
              • The more the merrier! - Ruben, Mon Feb 20 03:36
                Yesss. She was in. Or was it more accurate in English to say that he was in? As if by her agreement she had somehow pulled him into this interaction, instead of him having invited her? Ruben wasn’t... more
                • Kaye really didn’t understand the interest in fish. It was smelly and usually had weird textures. Plus, it was super smelly. Kaye couldn’t fully explain how smelly fish was. Sometimes, Kaye thought... more
                  • Don't worry, this party is private - Ruben, Fri Mar 3 23:41
                    “Besides you?” Ruben raised his eyebrows at that - both of them, because despite his best efforts he hadn’t yet mastered the art of raising only one. “Cookie dough is not at all as interesting as... more
                    • Good, those are the best kind - Kaye, Sun Mar 5 17:33
                      Clearly, this guy had never eaten really good cookie dough. The right kind of cookie dough could be more interesting than anything in the world. Kaye didn’t mean the cheap store bought kind, even... more
                      • She hadn’t come here before, either? Huh. Ruben had assumed that she must be from the area, since her voice was obviously American English. (Of course he recognized the accent. Aside from the flight... more
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