I'm sure someone, somewhere finds mirth in it
Sat Jun 8, 2019 15:55

It helped, telling someone who understood. Danny was guilty and contrite but stood by everything he’d said and done, and repeated that nobody forced their grandparents to make this decision: they’d done that using their own judgment. Claudia had only corresponded with her parents by letter, and it took some interpretation of their words for the sixth year to conclude they would support their daughter whichever path she chose to follow: to stay affiliated with her family, or to renounce them as her grandparents would evidently prefer her to do. Marley obviously didn’t understand any of the social implications, but Nolan got it. It was such a relief to have the awkwardness of her situation acknowledged that Claudia again needed to divert her gaze, to collect her emotions before she allowed them to embarrass her. These faux babies were good for diversion in conversation, if nothing else: she dabbed some dribbled milk from Twilight Sparkle’s chin. Revolting.

“Helps being here,” Nolan offered. Claudia couldn’t conceal the sardonic expression that flitted onto her face.

“Yes, now no students are attempting to set me alight, I suppose school is an improvement on society. At least nobody is demanding I quit the premises here,” she added dryly. She did not think she’d related specific details of her summer experiences to Nolan, but she had told Connor, who might have passed some information along (although Connor did not have a habit of speaking ill of Claudia, in any circumstance, so that did not seem likely) and again, there was the possibility that news of society in Louisiana traveled as far as Oklahoma. A break from social order was, in some ways, refreshing, as Nolan suggested, but it was also suffocating: hardly anyone understood the pressure that now rested on Claudia; even fewer still would empathize with her situation.

“I don’t mean to compare our circumstances,” she added, forcing herself back onto the current conversation and not the unrelated troubles of her own life. “I merely admit I’m having trouble adjusting. I don’t,” she hesitated, unsure of how much she wanted to share with Nolan. She knew they were friends, but they weren’t the sort of friends that shared personal details with each other. Claudia could tell almost anything to Marley, and she was happy sharing some personal details with Remy and others with Alena. She shared a lot more with Connor than perhaps she ought, but her relationship with Nolan was as proper as should be between a witch and wizard of their age and relative situations. Therefore she amended what she had been going to say, about not knowing how to proceed, and instead finished, “feel comfortable caught between the expectations of my grandparents, and the lifetime of love and support I’ve received from my parents. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a viable alternative.” She smiled apologetically at Nolan for offloading onto him, and then looked again to her pseudo-spawn for distraction.

She thought about the conversation she’d had with Magdalena, about family support not necessarily lying where one might prefer. Until recently Claudia had toyed with the idea of accepting any advances Connor might make. She knew who he was, she knew his flaws, but nobody else had ever cherished and supported her without question. If that was all there was to it, then Claudia liked Connor, she… perhaps she felt for him more than just affection and admiration. Yet the decision was not hers to make. Even with his remote family connections and good intentions, Connor was not the wizard her grandparents would choose. If the choice was Claudia’s to reject him absolutely, that would be easier, she thought, than if the choice was someone else’s to make. She could empathize with Magdalena on that score, at least. Claudia surprised herself by having considerably more romantic feelings than she ever would have predicted, as she found herself rooting for Nolan and Magdalena to overcome her family’s objections to him (objections she was not certain Nolan was appraised of, and therefore she could not discuss the matter with him). Meanwhile she could only speculate what her own future might bring.

  • Doesn’t seem that funny to me - Nolan, Sun Jun 2 14:48
    For just a couple of seconds, Nolan pictured a future in which Connor was solely responsible for one or several infants. He came to the quick conclusion that it was good that Lavinia was just a doll, ... more
    • I'm sure someone, somewhere finds mirth in it - Claudia, Sat Jun 8 15:55
      • Just not us - Nolan, Thu Jun 13 16:39
        Right, Claudia’s experience at RMI hadn’t been quite as low-stress as Nolan’s. Since transferring in the middle of fourth year, Nolan had made pretty good friends with Claudia, Connor, and Caleb, and ... more
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