Just not us
Thu Jun 13, 2019 16:39

Right, Claudia’s experience at RMI hadn’t been quite as low-stress as Nolan’s. Since transferring in the middle of fourth year, Nolan had made pretty good friends with Claudia, Connor, and Caleb, and he’d started courting Magdalena, and he’d made a few other friends and accidentally inherited the AgriClub. Overall he hadn’t disliked boarding school as much as he’d expected to (being able to board Quint in Boulder had solved his main issue with the place). Now his seventh year was almost half over and he was trying to figure out what in the heck came next. He hadn’t gotten too far in figuring that out but there was still time.

Claudia, though, had been through a lot worse here. He couldn’t blame her for RMI not being as easy a place to get along in, but at least things seemed to be looking up. Connor’s brother hadn’t made any trouble so far as Nolan could tell.

He didn’t see why there was any reason not to compare their circumstances. Both of them had had a family scandal that ended up with each of them unexpectedly becoming the heir. He guessed the practical difference was that his grandparents weren’t clashing with his parents over the whole thing. Or, not clashing unreasonably. Sylvanus was none too pleased about being dragged away from the ranch so much, and the Ramsey grandparents weren’t exactly thrilled with his attitude, but what were they gonna do besides tell him to shape up? They were already down two sons.

And that was the other difference, really—that Claudia was an heiress, not an heir. Different territory. Not quite as much independence attached.

“Well, once you get home,” said Nolan, practically, “might be easier to figure out the new status quo.” There wasn’t much longer to go until midterm. Nolan personally would be glad to be rid of Lavinia, who was admittedly adorable but also real loud and took a heck of a lot of work. He doubted he’d ever need the skills he was learning from “life skills” class (Nolan was more likely to care for a foal than a human infant, seeing as he’d already raised a few) but it was giving him a ton of appreciation for the ability to hire other people to do it for you.

“And the other thing is, your grandparents must love and support you too. They’ll take care of you,” different from her parents, sure, but family’s family. “Besides, you’re meeting their expectations, so I reckon they’ll budge on things like you being around your folks. They can’t afford you being so unhappy that you want to stray too.” Heiress might come with less clout than heir, but no one could overlook that the family line depended on Claudia now. The Dubois family couldn’t pull another member of her generation out of thin air. Far as Nolan could tell, you could make a couple of demands as long as you stayed in line the rest of the time.

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    • Just not us - Nolan, Thu Jun 13 16:39
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