Katherine Kendrick
Future planning
Thu Jul 4, 2019 11:13

Professor Blair-West was probably the smartest professor in the entire school, except Grandpa Aaron.

Katherine Kendrick had never been accused of being good at school. She didn’t like reading (it was too hard) and her handwriting was too messy and she hated sitting in lectures doing nothing but listening to the professor. Her grades were pretty okay but mostly they were only good when she was working with someone smart, like Remy or Drew. But Professor Blair-West had paired her with Claudia for the project with the baby dolls (well technically it had been a random draw but Kit wasn’t dumb, she knew that Professor Blair-West had to have planned some of her classmates’ pairings) and Kit and Claudia had been awesome mommies together. Kit has suggested that they have an actual baby together, but Claudia had said that was ‘a biological and sociological impossibility’ which was several words that Kit didn’t really understand. When Kit didn’t understand peoples’ answers to things, they tended to mean no, though. But that was okay. The two girls had gotten Os on their baby project, which was among only a handful of Os Kit had been able to scrape together in her entire life.

But what the project had taught Kit was not just that she and Claudia were a super great pair that should work together in every class from now on. It was also that she was actually super super good with little kids and that was why Kit was on Pearl Street looking for a job. But not just any job. Kit was almost fifteen entire years old and that was old enough to have a real job. It was also old enough to take a babysitting CPR class, which she’d done over midterm. That made her super extra doubleplus qualified to do things like babysit.

Plus, Kit knew that babysitting would be super important for her helping her big sister. Marissa had a girlfriend now, which would have been more disappointing to Kit if she hadn’t realized exactly when Danny and Marissa would get back together. It wasn’t gonna be like right now - she could tell that Marissa was totally into this girl that Kit hadn’t met, because she spent like forever talking to her in the middle of things like CHRISTMAS MORNING which Kit thought was totally not cool. Dating people other than Danny was okay now because Kit knew it was going to be like one of those old people re-meet-cute movies where Danny and Marissa would get divorced from their partners (or their partners could die too, that was ok) and then find each other in middle age in the middle of an airport or something. Well not an airport, because Danny wasn’t going to fly in a plane ever probably, but maybe they’d run into each other carrying groceries. Except Kit was actually pretty sure that Danny wouldn’t carry groceries either. Well they’d meet again when they were older and get married and Kit was okay with that because sometimes that’s what true love was.

So dating not-Danny was okay for now because Kit knew that whoever Marissa dated was temporary (even if Kit had to nobly help by like slipping poison in someone’s drink later or something, it would kind of technically be murder but if it was for true love it didn’t count everyone knew that) . But being the reason that CHRISTMAS MORNING of all things was interrupted? That was way not cool. If Marissa’s girlfriend had been at Christmas with them Kit would have kicked her in the shins for being super rude.

But even though it was super rude of Marissa’s new girlfriend to interrupt Christmas and even though Marissa and Danny were totally still meant to be, Kit knew that Marissa would need to have a baby. Being a good babysitter would help Kit help Marissa pick out a baby to kidnap when she was ready for one, probably after Marissa was done with college and had her own mega successful event planning company. Kit was going to be ready to support her sister whenever it was time to, because Marissa was the best big sister ever.

Anyway that was why Kit was skipping down the sidewalk towards one of the places she had pinpointed just before midterm as a place that had a kid-watching center. She had her resume and her CPR certificate in one hand and her sequin Converse high-tops on her feet, which as it turned out was a bad combination for skipping - as Kit learned as she tripped and tumbled to the brick-paved ground.

“Ow!” she yelped, clutching one Finding Nemo legging-covered knee. Kit had completely forgotten about her resume and her CPR certificate until someone handed them to her - and it was someone from school, too.

“Thanks do you have a bandaid or something? I’m bleeding and I don’t want Nemo to be all bloody because the kids will think he’s a vampire or something even though everyone knows that clownfish can’t be vampires.”

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