JD Daegan
Planning. Sure.
Sat Jul 20, 2019 03:17

He missed so many things about the outside world.

JD wanted to do concerts. What was he supposed to do without the roar of the crowd around him? He remembered the sound. The crowd would surround the artist - even if he was the guest - and chant his name. JD, JD, JD… Goosebumps crawled up his skin at the memory. His spine literally shivered. It brought him so much joy. Sometimes, in the Cetus dorm rooms, he woke up just hoping to hear someone cheering his name.

You literally could not pay a house elf enough to chant his name as his alarm. That’s what he had a phone charmed to do it on its own.

Part of him wondered if he could get his family house elf to do this for him. He didn’t need his personal hype train, of course. The Pop God could set up his own tour, thanks, and he could handle any clap back sent his way. That was part of his Rocky Mountain International goal, after all: he planned on his comeback being worth while. There wouldn’t be a point spending time here through intrigue and spectacle if it led to literally nothing.

But THEN Marco FREAKIN’ Jupiter, that Bruno Mars knock-off, decided to have a whole COMMENTARY in that one article about how JD had lost his touch. How DARE he! How very dare!

One owl delivered the news. Then, another. And then, another. Soon, his room in Cetus was filled with articles from the wizarding world where Marco’s opinion was absolutely trending. JD was out. He was trapped in the private school world, no longer relevant, and Marco’s new single, Breast Friends, was in.


JD would NOT.

This is why the teenage pop star found himself on Pearl Street Mall. He tried to avoid the public place unless he had one photographer he knew would only take photos that put him in a decent light. He couldn’t know for sure if Beret was around to take those pictures but, well…

Marco started it!

During his first thirty minutes on Pearl Street, he watched a young girl in childish clothing take at tumble on the ground. This was a perfect photo-op. He hoped Beret was around.

“Thanks do you have a bandaid or something? I’m bleeding and I don’t want Nemo to be all bloody because the kids will think he’s a vampire or something even though everyone knows that clownfish can’t be vampires.”

He blinked blue eyes at the red head, understanding about half of the Muggle references (because his media consultant was good at their damn job) and smiled. “I definitely have a bandaid for you. Here.”

He pulled a bandaid from his pocket and took great care as he unwrapped it, making sure to scramble for the papers she’d dropped. They seemed official and important, after all. JD handed those over before placing his bandaid over her skinned knee. “Are you okay? I can find a nurse for you if you’d like. Whatever you need. I’m here for you.”

He flashed his best smile without introduction. When in doubt, this other teen would know who he was.

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