I, for one, always plan
Sat Aug 3, 2019 10:01

So not only was it someone from school, but it was the guy who looked exactly like JD Daegan. Kit mostly didn’t pay attention to popular culture that wasn’t anime or animated films, but she’d totally read in one of the magazines that Marissa had brought home at Christmas that JD was going to be doing voice acting for the redub of Fruits Basket. There were already two versions of the anime so Kit didn’t really know why they were going to do a redub of the first one, but she was excited for it. According to the magazine, JD was going to be Kyo’s voice and if Kit had to pinpoint the one anime character she’d had the biggest crush on, it would be Kyonkinchi. She even had fanart of the character hanging in her room at home!

Anyway, despite not having heard of JD Daegan before Christmas, she’d begged Marissa to take her to Pearl Street where Kit had spent money she had saved up on a CD (because wizards didn’t have computers, CDs and even records were still a thing, weirdly) and it was her new obsession. She thought that JD’s voice would be perfect for her Kyonkinchi, and looking at the JD’s face on the cover had convinced Kit utterly that she was his new biggest fan. Marissa had gone back to Boston to be with her gross, sister-napping girlfriend before Kit could talk her into another Pearl Street trip and she definitely wasn’t gonna tell Dad that she might have a teensy weensy celebrity crush so Kit only had the one CD for now.

Even though the boy who put a bandaid on her knee through the hole in her leggings (Kit knew how to fix those with her wand now, otherwise she would have been more upset) was totally not JD, he was definitely as attractive as JD and his voice sounded just as pretty plus he was so helpful and wonderful just like she imagined JD would be if she met him in person. All that aside, Kit was a super friendly welcoming person and she knew that the JD look-alike was brand new to school so he obviously needed friends. New friends were always good friends, so Kit smiled at him.

“Thanks new friend!” Kit chirped, standing up and dusting her butt off before offering a hand to the JD look-alike. “My name’s Kit, what’s yours? What school did you come from? Do you like all your classes? What classes are you taking? Were you in any clubs at your old school? We’ve got lots of clubs here, do you want to join any? I can tell you all about them!” She stopped and took a deep breath, having asked all those questions very quickly and without stopping for the breathing thing. Her green eyes stayed trained on the JD look-alike’s very handsome face.

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    • I, for one, always plan - Kit, Sat Aug 3 10:01
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