Connor Farnon
When in Rome [Tag: Holland]
Sun Aug 11, 2019 19:32

Connor’s entire world had been turned upside-down in approximately two minutes, and thanks to Claudia’s clever spellwork, he’d had plenty of time to contemplate the jarring truths his best friend had revealed before leaving him alone in the passageways. He had no way of telling how much time had passed between Claudia’s Incarcerus and the appearance of Professor McKindy (Connor couldn’t believe that Claudia had gone to McKindy; likely another professor had determined that McKindy was the correct option to deal with untangling spells), but it felt like hours. Hours and hours during which Connor turned things over in his mind and tried to make sense of the new and unusual shape of the world.

The relationship between himself and Claudia had always been - and Connor was willing to admit it now - something more than friends. They had settled on something a step below dating when they were younger, but Connor had ruined that with his fight with Andrew Tennant. But Claudia had kissed him twice since then and before leaving him alone in the passageways, she had told him that she needed him. She also said that he was her biggest flaw and that she had kissed Caleb, but those things were both more confusing and less significant than her saying that she needed him. Connor had always known deep down that he would always be there for Claudia, but her admitting to that dynamic of their relationship reinforced every inclination he had ever had to be there for her. Claudia was his best friend and the most important person in his life, and Connor saw that he had been letting her down.

It was complicated because deep down, he didn’t think that it was natural for people to make up imaginary genders and he did think that people who thought they were the opposite gender were confused and needed assistance. Connor didn’t think that it was appropriate for people tasked with a historical duty to lead polite society to engage in any sort of interactions with those sorts of people. But at the same time, he couldn’t deny that while he personally would never hold that sort of thing against Claudia, other people had and it had hurt her. It was hurting her. And Connor was willing to do whatever he had to do in order to make Claudia understand that he was unequivocally on her side, forever.

And that was the story of how Connor Farnon was sitting at a cafe on Pearl Street, waiting to meet Holland Keene.

Ever the gentleman, Connor fully intended to pay for Holland’s drink but as he had no idea what people like Holland ordered at cafes, he had not ordered for it. Them. For himself, Connor had selected a nice English tea, which he had steeped to perfection and then added some milk and sugar to. Not too much milk and sugar, of course. He sipped the tea while he contemplated what to say - but he didn’t have altogether too much time before the ever-garish figure of Holland seated themselves across from him.

“So, Holland,” Connor said without preamble, leaning forward and smiling in the friendliest way he could - given the circumstances, it came out as more of a grimace but he really was doing his best - and then taking a sip of his tea. “Thank you for joining me. Claudia has informed me of the deeply troubling situation her family has found herself in due to Dardanius’s fixation on you, and I therefore have found myself in the situation of having to adjust my understanding of your...decisions,” Connor finished the sentence diplomatically. “I have not been privy to any explanations about people like you, and I find myself in need of one in order to address my unfortunate ignorance on the matter and best support my dearest friend.”

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      Dakota had been baffled and Claudia uncertain (she speculated Holland should anticipate a conversation about gender), but in the end Holland Keene was just too curious to refuse the invitation from... more
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