Holland Keene
Rome looks a lot like Boulder today
Mon Aug 12, 2019 16:30

Dakota had been baffled and Claudia uncertain (she speculated Holland should anticipate a conversation about gender), but in the end Holland Keene was just too curious to refuse the invitation from Connor. Danny hadn’t been thrilled about the idea, but Holland pointed out this was good practice for the next society event they attended, and that they weren’t going to brawl in a cafe with a teenager.

So they’d agreed to meet him and have lunch with Dakota afterwards to debrief and catch up. The grey messenger bag (newly adorned with an embroidered patch of the black-white-yellow-purple nonbinary flag, courtesy of MIT queer club’s last event) knocking against their side contained, in addition to their wallet, keys, portafloo, and metallic plum lipstick, two books they could part with for the semester: Complex Spell, Simple Trigger: Priming Enchantments and Self-Transfiguration and You!. Dakota devoured the books they leant her and Holland had every reason to believe they’d get the texts back in a few weeks, but they wanted Dakota to have as much time to read as she wanted, not feel rushed.

Connor was already there when Holland arrived, so instead of going to order their iced chai latte they joined him at his table. Holland had dressed in high-waisted grey shorts and a red shirt under a sheer black kimono cardigan patterned with gold runes. The runes were their addition: since New Year’s Eve, Holland had started experimenting with incorporating defensive (and offensive) magic into clothing. So far they had a pin with a shield charm and this slightly more complex garment, which would reflect any spell back at the caster. Their hair was a reddish shade of deep purple, matching their lipstick. They slung their bag onto the back of the empty chair and sat down across from Connor.

He was predictably offensive, but at this point Holland had heard worse and it barely ruffled them. And it was a little gratifying to hear Connor call himself unfortunately ignorant. “Okay. I’m happy to educate you about this for free,” for Dakota’s sake more than anything else, but also because they wanted to reward Connor’s attempt to better himself, not refuse information, “but there are some ground rules. First, you’re not going to call my loving, committed relationship a ‘fixation’ or talk about it like it’s a bad thing. The ‘deeply troubling situation’ is completely the result of Claudia and Danny’s paternal grandparents’ decisions, not ours. And same goes for words like ‘unnatural’ or ‘confused’ in reference to people who don’t identify with their assigned gender. I’ll explain why. Third, you can ask questions if you need me to clarify something, but there’s no arguing with me; I’m giving you facts, so there’s nothing to argue.” Holland decided on those rules before leaving Boston. They were doing a favor for Connor and they weren’t going to tolerate abuse from him.

At the same time, this really would be good practice. If they could walk Connor Farnon through Trans 101 they could handle the oldest, stubbornest pureblood patriarch. “Now. What do you want to know?”

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