That's what they call you. Kit, the Planner.
Tue Aug 13, 2019 17:04

...Whomst the pineapple?

His brain failed to wrap itself around any other reaction or question when listening to this frizzy haired damsel. He didn’t take her hand, because he was a man and could stand up on his own, but he did flash her another great smile as her brain short circuited and all the questions poured out. He assumed the sight of him was the cause of her broken brain, but then she asked his name, so that couldn’t be it.

The onslaught of queries brought the Pop Pensieve back into his element. The media and all the paparazzi fired multiple questions at once in his general direction all the time. Usually, they were questions from more than one person. He could totally keep up with this hyperactive hairball. He counted one, two, three… damn, six questions back to back. Time to see if he was rusty.

“I didn’t come from any school,” He began, slipping a hand casually into his pocket. If anyone photographed them, he wanted to look cool and casual. Maybe even a little flirty. “I was homeschooled,” Not a lie, “Before deciding to come here. I’m taking all the core classes. I believe next year is when I’ll be allowed to pick and choose.” Thank Merlin, too, there were so many courses he couldn’t wait to get out of. How come they all required so much work?

“I like my classes okay, but I definitely prefer… making friends.” There, an eyebrow raise, perfect. “No clubs on my roster yet, but you seem like the perfect girl to help me out with that.”

He was forgetting one. What was it?

Oh, right.

“And my name is JD. JD Daegan.” Introducing oneself when it had never been necessary was such a chore. How could he be expected to remember that not everyone knew who he was? Whatever. He activated his biggest and brightest pop star smile. He could sell this encounter to anyone who might be watching. Take that, Marco. “It’s lovely to meet you, Kit.”

  • I, for one, always plan - Kit, Sat Aug 3 10:01
    So not only was it someone from school, but it was the guy who looked exactly like JD Daegan. Kit mostly didn’t pay attention to popular culture that wasn’t anime or animated films, but she’d totally ... more
    • That's what they call you. Kit, the Planner. - JD, Tue Aug 13 17:04
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