I'll have to get another one, then
Sun Feb 19, 2017 01:24

Although she looked skeptical, the girl still took him up on his challenge. The fact that she pretty much instantly spit the ice-cream back out was pretty funny - Ruben couldn’t hold back a sudden burst of laughter (although once it started, he didn’t honestly try very hard to restrain himself, either). His overwhelming emotional response, however, was not amusement but satisfaction. She had claimed to be the adventurous type, and simply coming to sit with him might be adventurous by his cultural standards, but he couldn’t possibly be certain of how else she defined it. Test passed. And now he had a little better sense of who she was.

“Fish is not the thing for everyone,” Ruben agreed, taking a big lick of his cone to prove this statement. “It would be rude not to share, but if you insist,” he stretched it out teasingly, “then I think I can finish the rest without feeling some guilt about it.” The idea of a fish-and-cheese sandwich, as he had understood it from the stop clerk’s explanation, sounded strange and not like a very good combination, but after trying this ice-cream he wouldn’t pass up the chance to give the sandwich a try, too. He really enjoyed fish in general. This wasn’t surprising, since it was a staple in his country. Hell, they had whole festivals and annual holidays dedicated to the different seafood seasons!

She asked him about his ice-cream preferences next, and once again, he paused to think about his response. “If there is a chance, then do I like trying strange ice-cream flavours. But where I grew up there was mostly Muggle shops, so I would instead have chocolate.” When he got ice-cream at all, that was, but Ruben wasn’t about to explain his life story sitting on a sidewalk bench. He belatedly realized it was a risk to have mentioned Muggles, because what if the girl was a Muggle? However, her lack of commenting on the ice-cream’s very obviously magical nature suggested otherwise, so he didn’t waste any further thought on that.

Noticing that she had been looking around, he wondered if she was cold, or wanted her own ice-cream. Or perhaps she had just changed her mind and was looking for a way to escape him. Well, there was an easy way to tackle at least two of those issues, and maybe land a date out of it, too. Casually patting down the side of his skinny jeans (it was impossible to get his fingers in the pocket while seated), Ruben confirmed he had enough coins left for at least another cone, and then turned sideways on the bench to face her. “Since you liked that one so much,” he started, smirking, “can I buy you a fresh ice-cream?”

  • You may have gotten scammed - Kaye, Sat Feb 18 17:21
    Ooo, privyet. She pushed away the Russian that was trying to slip out, only because she wasn’t entirely fluent yet. Papa didn’t speak it well, but Grandmama did, and so did a lot of her cousins. Kaye ... more
    • I'll have to get another one, then - Ruben, Sun Feb 19 01:24
      • I guess I'll tag along for that - Kaye, Sun Feb 19 19:34
        He was laughing at her, which was fine. She expected it, and she didn’t mind. Kaye was pretty used to being laughed at by assholes who didn’t know any better. At least in this moment, she was... more
        • The more the merrier! - Ruben, Mon Feb 20 03:36
          Yesss. She was in. Or was it more accurate in English to say that he was in? As if by her agreement she had somehow pulled him into this interaction, instead of him having invited her? Ruben wasn’t... more
          • Kaye really didn’t understand the interest in fish. It was smelly and usually had weird textures. Plus, it was super smelly. Kaye couldn’t fully explain how smelly fish was. Sometimes, Kaye thought... more
            • Don't worry, this party is private - Ruben, Fri Mar 3 23:41
              “Besides you?” Ruben raised his eyebrows at that - both of them, because despite his best efforts he hadn’t yet mastered the art of raising only one. “Cookie dough is not at all as interesting as... more
              • Good, those are the best kind - Kaye, Sun Mar 5 17:33
                Clearly, this guy had never eaten really good cookie dough. The right kind of cookie dough could be more interesting than anything in the world. Kaye didn’t mean the cheap store bought kind, even... more
                • She hadn’t come here before, either? Huh. Ruben had assumed that she must be from the area, since her voice was obviously American English. (Of course he recognized the accent. Aside from the flight... more
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