Camilla Baird
Sun Feb 19, 2017 15:57

The christmas holidays were always a nice getaway from her usual hectic family life, and Camilla enjoyed them fully. Her grandparents came to the United States to spend them with the family, and it was always great. The blonde had more affinity to the older couple than to her mother and husband, and for some reason her mother didn't really like it. Grace had once told Camilla that she had always thought they would be best friends due to their age difference, but the older witch had continued with her life after she was born. Camilla was raised by her grandparents, and she understood completely the need for Grace to continue being a teenager. Camilla loved her mother with her faults and virtues.

But now the blonde was back at school and back to her normal routine, which meant being social with people she tried very hard to hide from. It was very hard to hide in a small school.

In spite of her Hiding Game, Camilla had managed to somehow sort-of befriend a couple of older girls. She didn't hang out with them that often - since she preferred Elijah’s company -, but Francine and Sorsha were nice enough to the sixth-year that she accepted their invitation once in awhile. Besides, shopping was always a fun activity to indulge in, and honestly, Camilla craved a little bit of female attention. It was nice to spend time with the girls.

The elevator’s door opened to the chill of winter, and Camilla snuggled closely to her jacket as her face started to freeze a bit. Her hazel-eyes looked around for either of one of the girls at their meeting point. Camilla smiled as she spotted Francine and walked towards her.

“Oh! The vanilla tea sounds amazing,” she said as she grabbed the offered beverage. She took a sip of the tea which had the effect of warming her from the inside. “Thank you. It is great,” The Ceti smiled at the older girl and pondered about her last question.

“I need sweaters,” she expressed. “But we can walk around. Do you need anything?” she inquired before taking another sip of her delicious tea. She made a mental note to reimburse Francine for her beverage.

  • Girls Day! [Tag: Sorsha and Camille] - Francine Holtz, Tue Feb 14 02:12
    The problem with winter in Colorado was that going outside meant she had to wear pants. Francine hated pants, and she didn’t use that word lightly. The h-a-t-e word, but darn it, she really meant it. ... more
    • Yey! - Camilla Baird, Sun Feb 19 15:57
      • I'm so excited! - Sorsha Nolan, Mon Feb 20 19:36
        Midterm had been a whirlwind for Sorsha. A now five year old Kiernan had been as enthusiastic as ever when he’d seen her after she’d gotten off the plane. Que the usual few hours of jet lag and then... more
        • Me too!! :D - Francine, Tue Feb 21 03:39
          Francine extricated the last remaining drink from the cardboard carrier and raised it to her lips. She had lost track of which was which, so while Camilla had claimed the vanilla tea, she wasn’t sure ... more
          • Excitement to be had - Camilla, Thu Feb 23 00:20
            Any outing with Francine was a sure adventure. The blonde Ceti always wondered where the other girl found her seamless endless energy. Camilla just smiled at the older girl and followed Francine... more
            • And fun to be had as well! - Sorsha, Mon Feb 27 15:31
              “I have no problems with Wicked being our first stop,” Sorsha said with a smile, glad to hear that it had been Camilla to suggest something for them to do first. Despite her reservations about... more
              • Ooh, I like fun! - Francine, Mon Mar 6 01:55
                Francine’s blue eyes sparkled with whimsy. Not only was Camilla joining her in the (totally harmless, productive, and healthy!!) peer pressuring of Sorsha, but she found a cute little jacket to go... more
                • Me too! - Camilla, Sun Mar 12 17:29
                  The blonde was glad she had agreed to come with the older girls. She smiled and continued perusing the racks as Sorsha and Francine did the same. Camilla´s mind began to wander off to another place... more
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