Me too!! :D
Tue Feb 21, 2017 03:39

Francine extricated the last remaining drink from the cardboard carrier and raised it to her lips. She had lost track of which was which, so while Camilla had claimed the vanilla tea, she wasn’t sure which one Sorsha had taken. She was pleasantly surprised as the hot taste of mocha washed over her, although she was probably the last person in the world to need caffeine. Hopefully one cup wouldn’t make her too jittery, although if it did, at least she had her fidget ring, which would be accessible again as soon as they were inside a store and she could remove her gloves.

“Well, Camilla mentioned sweaters, so do you guys want to start with Wicked?” Wicked! Clothing for the Everyday Witch or Wizard was probably a better fit for these three particular girls than, say, the Hot Topic. Francine had been there a few times - she liked some of the converse they sold, plus the bras were delightfully different from her usual good girl pink lace, and now that she had a solid boyfriend, she liked to mix up her undergarment selection - but the bubbly and colorful blonde found herself rather sticking out. Being different had never bothered her too much, but being different in the store meant for the kids who were usually the different ones was a little bit too meta for her to be truly comfortable.

“Ooooh, we should go to Yankee Candle before we leave, too,” the seventh year noted as she led the way toward Wicked. “I could use some new incense. I got this, like, watermelon lemonade kind last time I went? So good for morning yoga.” She also expected to drag her friends into the gift shop, but it didn’t seem worth mentioning at the moment. Francine liked going in there because she liked little keepsakes and knick knacks and things. She’d probably given Lucien more ornamental figures and tiny snowglobes than any teenage boy really needed or wanted to display in his dorm room, but she just couldn’t help herself. The things were, like, six or seven bucks a pop!

“Okay!” Francine declared as they entered the store. They probably technically weren’t supposed to have beverages in here, but she figured as long as they didn’t spill them everywhere and mostly refrained from drinking in the store, they would probably be fine. “Camilla, do you like pull-over sweaters, or, like, button ups, or open front? Personally I like the open ones, they’re so pleasantly flowy.” She smiled at the sixth year before turning her sights to the witches section, but her hunt for sweaters was immediately derailed as she caught sight of something.

Francine rushed over, shrieking eagerly as she went. “Look at this!” She held up the item that had gotten her attention: a flowy red dress, tight in the hips but cascading at the bottom. The Head Girl checked the tag. “Sorsha, it’s your size! You totally have to try it on! You look so good in red!” She turned her bright blue eyes on the Lyra before turning to Camilla for back up. “Don’t you think she should put it on?” she led. “I’m surprised to find something like this here - it has to be a sign!”

  • I'm so excited! - Sorsha Nolan, Mon Feb 20 19:36
    Midterm had been a whirlwind for Sorsha. A now five year old Kiernan had been as enthusiastic as ever when he’d seen her after she’d gotten off the plane. Que the usual few hours of jet lag and then... more
    • Me too!! :D - Francine, Tue Feb 21 03:39
      • Excitement to be had - Camilla, Thu Feb 23 00:20
        Any outing with Francine was a sure adventure. The blonde Ceti always wondered where the other girl found her seamless endless energy. Camilla just smiled at the older girl and followed Francine... more
        • And fun to be had as well! - Sorsha, Mon Feb 27 15:31
          “I have no problems with Wicked being our first stop,” Sorsha said with a smile, glad to hear that it had been Camilla to suggest something for them to do first. Despite her reservations about... more
          • Ooh, I like fun! - Francine, Mon Mar 6 01:55
            Francine’s blue eyes sparkled with whimsy. Not only was Camilla joining her in the (totally harmless, productive, and healthy!!) peer pressuring of Sorsha, but she found a cute little jacket to go... more
            • Me too! - Camilla, Sun Mar 12 17:29
              The blonde was glad she had agreed to come with the older girls. She smiled and continued perusing the racks as Sorsha and Francine did the same. Camilla´s mind began to wander off to another place... more
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