Excitement to be had
Thu Feb 23, 2017 00:20

Any outing with Francine was a sure adventure. The blonde Ceti always wondered where the other girl found her seamless endless energy. Camilla just smiled at the older girl and followed Francine towards the shop she had suggested. The hazel-eyes instantly looked around excitedly at the endless opportunities presented to her by the means of clothes. The Ceti loved shopping and she wasn't afraid to show it. She was of the idea that clothes were a form of expression. Francine was an excellent example of that! She was just her and there was nothing like the other girl. Camilla felt energized when she was with her. It was just her aura.

The younger girl was looking at the purple blouse when she heard Francine shrieking over something. She left the blouse where she had found it and made a mental note to go back for it in a minute or so. She eyed the dress and smiled, “Yes, she should try it on. The color would look amazing on her.” Camilla gently felt the fabric of the dress and let it flow out of her fingers.

Camilla’s eye locked on with something ivory hanging near where she was standing, she swiftly grabbed it and found it to be a cute little blazer that would look amazing with the red dress. She showed it to the other girls, “what do you think?” she asked while positioning it within millimeters the dress. “It matches perfectly!”

  • Me too!! :D - Francine, Tue Feb 21 03:39
    Francine extricated the last remaining drink from the cardboard carrier and raised it to her lips. She had lost track of which was which, so while Camilla had claimed the vanilla tea, she wasn’t sure ... more
    • Excitement to be had - Camilla, Thu Feb 23 00:20
      • And fun to be had as well! - Sorsha, Mon Feb 27 15:31
        “I have no problems with Wicked being our first stop,” Sorsha said with a smile, glad to hear that it had been Camilla to suggest something for them to do first. Despite her reservations about... more
        • Ooh, I like fun! - Francine, Mon Mar 6 01:55
          Francine’s blue eyes sparkled with whimsy. Not only was Camilla joining her in the (totally harmless, productive, and healthy!!) peer pressuring of Sorsha, but she found a cute little jacket to go... more
          • Me too! - Camilla, Sun Mar 12 17:29
            The blonde was glad she had agreed to come with the older girls. She smiled and continued perusing the racks as Sorsha and Francine did the same. Camilla´s mind began to wander off to another place... more
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