As long as it doesn't turn into a crowd
Sat Feb 25, 2017 19:35

Kaye really didn’t understand the interest in fish. It was smelly and usually had weird textures. Plus, it was super smelly. Kaye couldn’t fully explain how smelly fish was. Sometimes, Kaye thought she might be a picky eater. From her experience, though, it was less about the taste, and more about smell and texture. For the tuna ice cream, smell was a huge factor in her comedic mockumentary level spit take, and the texture did not help one bit. Did it count as being a picky eater when it didn’t include taste as the main issue?

Whatever, it was likely, and she didn’t really care about the specifics. There was ice cream to discover.

“Wow, how chivalrous of you,” Kaye grinned. She let him hold the door open for her. It was nice inside, definitely warmer than outside, but she kept her jacket on. She unzipped it, though, showing off her shirt and suspenders underneath. She loved fashion, but not the weird fashion week runway kind, where people wore things that didn’t resemble clothes. She liked how clothes could reveal things about a person. This guy, for example, must have liked music, because he was wearing a band t-shirt. She assumed it was a band, at least, because of the dark colors and illegible writing. Pair that with his long hair, and she was going to guess something in the punk or metal range.

Seriously, fashion was super telling.

“Are you seeing anything interesting?”

“Besides you?” Kaye quipped, looking at the menu, “Yeah, I think the cookie dough catastrophe looks great.” The menu said it had the texture and taste of cookie dough ice cream but was warm like a cookie fresh from the oven. That worked for her.

After they ordered, Kaye asked a question that had been burning on her mind. “So, how often do you come to Pearl Street?” It was time to figure out if this clearly magical person was from Rocky Mountain International or not.

  • The more the merrier! - Ruben, Mon Feb 20 03:36
    Yesss. She was in. Or was it more accurate in English to say that he was in? As if by her agreement she had somehow pulled him into this interaction, instead of him having invited her? Ruben wasn’t... more
    • As long as it doesn't turn into a crowd - Kaye, Sat Feb 25 19:35
      • Don't worry, this party is private - Ruben, Fri Mar 3 23:41
        “Besides you?” Ruben raised his eyebrows at that - both of them, because despite his best efforts he hadn’t yet mastered the art of raising only one. “Cookie dough is not at all as interesting as... more
        • Good, those are the best kind - Kaye, Sun Mar 5 17:33
          Clearly, this guy had never eaten really good cookie dough. The right kind of cookie dough could be more interesting than anything in the world. Kaye didn’t mean the cheap store bought kind, even... more
          • She hadn’t come here before, either? Huh. Ruben had assumed that she must be from the area, since her voice was obviously American English. (Of course he recognized the accent. Aside from the flight... more
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