And fun to be had as well!
Mon Feb 27, 2017 15:31

“I have no problems with Wicked being our first stop,” Sorsha said with a smile, glad to hear that it had been Camilla to suggest something for them to do first. Despite her reservations about Elijah, Camilla was downright delightful at times (you know, once you got past the occasional snootiness that came along with her). In any case, they were bound to have fun with just the three of them together.

The warm atmosphere of the store was a welcome change from the bite of cold outside and Sorsha shivered as the feeling washed over her. Taking a sip of her drink, the brunette wandered along with her friends, glancing through the articles of clothing as they went. The Lyra didn’t really have any need for new things herself, but if she could help her friends find things that would work for her too. After some browsing of tops, Sorsha heard Francine squeal, a noise that no doubt meant she’d found something gorgeous.

At the mention of her name, the girl wandered over to find red fabric and an enthusiastic smile. The Lyra was more than pleased when Camilla made a suggestion towards the outfit as well. Grey eyes peered at the ensemble of choice, analyzing the matching skills of the two females. After a moment or so, Sorsha nodded. “I’ll try it.” She declared, walking over to take the two items from her the hands of her friends. Clutching the fabric to her chest with the hand not holding her hot chocolate, Sorsha returned to her search through the numerous racks. “We have to find you guys something to try on too! Find anything yet?”

  • Excitement to be had - Camilla, Thu Feb 23 00:20
    Any outing with Francine was a sure adventure. The blonde Ceti always wondered where the other girl found her seamless endless energy. Camilla just smiled at the older girl and followed Francine... more
    • And fun to be had as well! - Sorsha, Mon Feb 27 15:31
      • Ooh, I like fun! - Francine, Mon Mar 6 01:55
        Francine’s blue eyes sparkled with whimsy. Not only was Camilla joining her in the (totally harmless, productive, and healthy!!) peer pressuring of Sorsha, but she found a cute little jacket to go... more
        • Me too! - Camilla, Sun Mar 12 17:29
          The blonde was glad she had agreed to come with the older girls. She smiled and continued perusing the racks as Sorsha and Francine did the same. Camilla´s mind began to wander off to another place... more
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