Don't worry, this party is private
Fri Mar 3, 2017 23:41

“Besides you?”

Ruben raised his eyebrows at that - both of them, because despite his best efforts he hadn’t yet mastered the art of raising only one. “Cookie dough is not at all as interesting as me,” was his helpful contribution, the counter paired with a cocky smirk as he watched her read through the list. He stepped closer to read over her shoulder, scoping out some of the other options. Like most shops, the Swede assumed this one would swap out its offerings every so often, but still he made note of a blueberry type to try another time, assuming they didn’t change too much between now and his next trip aboveground.

Digging the right coins out of his pocket, he passed them over to the clerk after his newly-acquired date had ordered, returning the woman’s bright “Welcome back!” with a nod and a noise that could be identified as somewhere in between a grunt and a “ja”. This clerk was way friendlier than anything he was used to. Too friendly. It was a bit weird; he would have expected that kind of cheeriness to build up from zero as he spent more money here, rather than starting off so high. Eh, well. The ice-cream was still good, so he’d come back anyways.

“This is actually my first time on Pearl Street,” Ruben answered her. “I had no classwork--” or nothing important; he could easily cram that paper later tonight (RMI’s version of Ancient Runes didn’t seem nearly as complicated here as in Norway, which made sense since that was, well, a place where runes actually originated and were still used and stuff) “--and it felt like a fine day for exploring. Which has worked out very good, obviously.”

He leaned against the counter, sizing her up with open curiosity. She was obviously a teenager, so Ruben assumed she was a student as well, but realized now that he didn’t have a clue where from. “And what has brought you here? Do you go to school nearby? If the answer is no, I will be disappointed,” he informed her, dropping a blue-eyed wink. Ruben wasn’t honestly sure if he had a type, having been involved with some fairly different people in the past. But if he did have one, he was pretty sure she fit in it.

  • Kaye really didn’t understand the interest in fish. It was smelly and usually had weird textures. Plus, it was super smelly. Kaye couldn’t fully explain how smelly fish was. Sometimes, Kaye thought... more
    • Don't worry, this party is private - Ruben, Fri Mar 3 23:41
      • Good, those are the best kind - Kaye, Sun Mar 5 17:33
        Clearly, this guy had never eaten really good cookie dough. The right kind of cookie dough could be more interesting than anything in the world. Kaye didn’t mean the cheap store bought kind, even... more
        • She hadn’t come here before, either? Huh. Ruben had assumed that she must be from the area, since her voice was obviously American English. (Of course he recognized the accent. Aside from the flight... more
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