Good, those are the best kind
Sun Mar 5, 2017 17:33

Clearly, this guy had never eaten really good cookie dough. The right kind of cookie dough could be more interesting than anything in the world. Kaye didn’t mean the cheap store bought kind, even though those were okay. They were even making frozen cookie dough now in little round balls. These were supposed to make baking prep even easier, but Kaye saw that as making the cookie dough a delicious, portion controlled treat. Anyway, Kaye was talking about the really good, homemade stuff. Her dad loved to bake, and she made him promise to have snickerdoodle cookie dough ready for her when she came home after this term. Even the idea of that treat made her mouth water. Cookie dough was so underrated.

Of course, brownie batter was even less appreciated. She noticed a brownie batter blast ice cream on the menu, and she resigned herself to the fact that she’d have to make another trip to this ice cream shop sometime.

Kaye tried not to look blindsided by the cashier’s cheeriness. She blinked and smiled back, amused. The cashiers from her neighborhood in Chicago ranged from indifferent to just plain rude. Boulder really was a different place. She didn’t mind it, but it was a little jarring. She couldn’t imagine how the stranger paying for her ice cream felt. From what she could tell, he wasn’t even from this country.

“It’s my first time on Pearl Street, too,” she added to the conversation before trying her ice cream. Kaye made a very content noise. It was delicious. It was weird, too, but not weird like the tuna ice cream. Somehow it was just like ice cream, but warm and gooey, like a cookie just taken out of the oven. Magic was awesome.

“And what has brought you here? Do you go to school nearby? If the answer is no, I will be disappointed.”

Kaye was aware that he was looking at her, and she didn’t mind. “Well,” she said slowly, making sure none of her ice cream was about to drip before answering, “I also was putting off classwork that didn’t need to be finished. Because I go to school nearby. Super nearby.” Kaye looked over her cone at the boy. “I just started there, though, so I don’t know anybody. Do you want to try my ice cream, by the way?”

  • Don't worry, this party is private - Ruben, Fri Mar 3 23:41
    “Besides you?” Ruben raised his eyebrows at that - both of them, because despite his best efforts he hadn’t yet mastered the art of raising only one. “Cookie dough is not at all as interesting as... more
    • Good, those are the best kind - Kaye, Sun Mar 5 17:33
      • She hadn’t come here before, either? Huh. Ruben had assumed that she must be from the area, since her voice was obviously American English. (Of course he recognized the accent. Aside from the flight... more
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