Dardanius Dubois
A casual meeting [tag Elijah]
Fri Jan 13, 2017 14:42

Being at school offered both more and less freedom than being at home. At home he could do more or less what he wanted, when he wanted, but he was often confined to the house. School, on the other hand, had classes, schedules and curfews that dictated Danny’s whereabouts and actions, but it also had Pearl Street, where the older RMI students could wander at will. Dardanius had become quite familiar with the mall strip over the past couple of years, and he appreciated having a place to go that wasn't controlled by some authority figure or other. Plus not being underground was sometimes fun.

It was also helpful to have a place to meet people that wasn't the rec center (too loud), library (too quiet) or Quidditch Pitch (too likely to get hit by a Bludger). Danny liked to hang out with EJ when he got the chance, but this year they didn't have any classes together. Elijah was in Cetus, whereas Dardanius was in Lyra, hence they didn’t share a commonroom, either. So a couple of weeks into term, Danny suggested they meet up on Pearl Street just to catch up. The fifth year stopped into a convenience store and bought a couple of cold sodas on the way to their meeting place. He handed one bottle over to EJ when he arrived. “Beverage,” he proclaimed by way of greeting.

That morning Dardanius had dressed in forest green cargo pants, orange sneakers and an azure-hued top, which, as it was sunny on the mall, had its sleeves rolled up to the elbows, baring sun-tanned forearms. His chestnut brown hair was, as ever, lying where he’d left it that morning. He kept it short for low maintenance, but just long enough that it never really looked neat. It drove his mother crazy and that was a large part of why he did it.

Having opened his own drink and taken a swig, Danny let out a satisfied sigh before grinning at EJ. “So how’s life treating you?” he voiced a vague query, allowing the sixth year to choose the course of the conversation.

    • Just playing catchup - Elijah Carthy, Tue Jan 17 23:08
      EJ could easily say that term was going smoothly for him. Quidditch practice was well underway and the team looked good in his opinion. It might have been his first year as the Cetus captain (seeing... more
      • And time wasting - Dardanius, Wed Jan 18 14:29
        Danny laughed as EJ thanked him for getting him to come out, like it wouldn’t have occurred to the older student if Danny hadn’t made the suggestion. That would be sad if it were true. “Ouch,” he... more
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