You're surpassing all of mine
Sun Mar 12, 2017 00:35

Her boyfriend’s smirk became obscured as he reached around and tied the blindfold on her, an excited shiver running up her spine. Then Lucien’s hand was in hers, and her goosebumps melted, his warmth flooding through her as he pulled. Francine liked the way his fingers fit so perfectly between hers so unexpectedly, like pieces from two different puzzles that still managed to make a picture, one that was, she thought, better than either of the original two expected outcomes.

The elevator ride was unfortunately short, but they were pretty good at filling even brief moments. Muscle memory closed her eyes despite the redundancy with the blindfold, and likewise, the chipper ding at the end snapped her eyes ineffectively open. But it was alright, because they were on the way again, this time his arm settled around her shoulder. Francine felt a wash of relief that being the same height as him in these shoes had managed to actually be convenient. She had a lot of good platforms and heels collecting dust back in her dorm room, but she’d mostly stopped wearing them when she started getting serious with Lucien.

He led her for what seemed like forever before they entered a building, and even then, they were not done. Francine felt a little less secure ascending stairs blindfolded than she had on flat ground. Eventually, however, they arrived at their destination, and Lucien removed the blindfold. The immediate rush of light stunned her momentarily, but as her blue eyes focused, she glanced around at their surroundings. At the same time, Lucien explained them. It was some sort of painting thing! And the little lights and things around the rooftop - they were on a rooftop! - were just adorable.

Francine turned back to Lucien just as he finished talking. In one quick motion, she stepped to him and threw her arms around him. “I love it!” she squeaked into him. “It’s totally wonderful. You’re amazing.” She pulled back and looked around eagerly. “Where do we sit? Does it matter? Oh my gosh, what are you gonna paint?”

  • I have high expectations - Lucien, Fri Mar 10 00:00
    His smile turned into more of a smirk at her joke. “Maybe on the way back,” he suggested. “But we’ve got places to be.” Careful not to pinch her hair, Lucien tied it on over her eyes, just tight... more
    • You're surpassing all of mine - Francine, Sun Mar 12 00:35
      • I aim to please - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 00:22
        His slight rambling upon removing her blindfold had come about spontaneously, as he’d suddenly felt the need to explain himself. This type of date fell under the category of ‘things he would complain ... more
        • Ready, aim, fire. - Francine, Mon Mar 13 02:24
          Francine glanced eagerly around them to find just the right table. Just as she found one she liked, she noticed Lucien’s extended hand. He wanted to take her jacket. For a moment, she hesitated, but... more
          • Well, let's hold off on the fire for now - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 13:43
            He laughed and nodded agreeably. “Sounds good.” Flipping open the menu, Lucien glanced down the (admittedly short) list of offerings, looking for something that she would appreciate. There were all... more
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