Me too!
Sun Mar 12, 2017 17:29

The blonde was glad she had agreed to come with the older girls. She smiled and continued perusing the racks as Sorsha and Francine did the same. Camilla´s mind began to wander off to another place entirely. Her hands gently passed sweaters, dresses, and blouses. She found a cute green summer dress and smiled to herself. She had someone in mind that she wanted to show this dress for. However, Camilla silently sighed and showed the girls what she had found.

“What do you think?” She asked. “It's still too cold to use it, but it should be great for the summer,” she finished quite enthused.

Camilla squealed a bit in excitement for her discovery since the store wasn't stocking for summer or spring yet. Maybe it was something from last year? The Ceti looked at the dress tag. It was on sale!

“It's on sale!,” she informed the other girls excitedly. Camilla carefully placed the dress on her arm to keep it safe. She was definitely going to try it in a minute or so.

“How are you guys doing?” she asked the other girls. “Francine, have you found something for you?” her eyes focused on the other girl. Camilla wasn't sure Francine would like anything she chose since the older girl had her own style, and to be honest, Camilla didn't quite get it.

  • Ooh, I like fun! - Francine, Mon Mar 6 01:55
    Francine’s blue eyes sparkled with whimsy. Not only was Camilla joining her in the (totally harmless, productive, and healthy!!) peer pressuring of Sorsha, but she found a cute little jacket to go... more
    • Me too! - Camilla, Sun Mar 12 17:29
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