I aim to please
Mon Mar 13, 2017 00:22

His slight rambling upon removing her blindfold had come about spontaneously, as he’d suddenly felt the need to explain himself. This type of date fell under the category of ‘things he would complain a bit about but go along with for Francine’s sake’. And yet here he was, initiating it of his own volition. Still solely because he had expected she would enjoy it, of course, but it felt different to him this time, and so Lucien had thought that she might also want more of an explanation as to why they ended up here.

Apparently not, though. That was fine. He wrapped his arms around Francine, enjoying that cozy feeling of her excited hug (the one always-guaranteed benefit of her enthusiasm that he had identified so far) and giving her a solid squeeze in return for that brief second before she pulled back and resumed bouncing around - which was strictly verbal at the moment instead of a literal bounce, but he was prepared for that to change soon. “Don’t flatter me yet; I’ll surely disappoint you when we get to the painting part,” he responded with a slight grin. “I have no idea what I’ll paint! But, yeah, we can sit anywhere. After you. Ah, actually, just one second.”

He quickly unbuttoned his coat and hung it up on the rack by the rooftop entrance, and extended his hand to Francine in a silent offer to take hers as well. He wasn’t sure if she would accept, since he assumed she was wearing a dress underneath as she usually did, whereas he was in long-sleeves and pants. The roof had felt pretty warm to him, too warm for a coat... although if he was honest with himself, that was probably enhanced just by the fact that the most attractive woman he knew was here with him. Once he’d established whether Francine wanted her coat hung up, he moved back beside her, giving her a peck on the cheek as he waited for her to choose a seat, and then followed behind.

Lucien’s first move upon sitting down was to look towards the small menus on the table. “Are you hungry? I’m starved,” he claimed, only part-exaggerating. From his trial run of the café last week (and the week before that) (all in the quest to make it perfect), he knew there was an actual waiter on the roof to save wizarding patrons from running stairs, so he wasn’t surprised when his picking up a menu caused said waiter to pop up beside them. “Bonsoir, attendrez-vous?” The man agreed to come back in a few minutes, and he turned back to Francine, cheerful at the prospect of imminent food. “Okay, I can translate all of this if you like, or you can just give me orders and I’ll try to find something to match.”

  • You're surpassing all of mine - Francine, Sun Mar 12 00:35
    Her boyfriend’s smirk became obscured as he reached around and tied the blindfold on her, an excited shiver running up her spine. Then Lucien’s hand was in hers, and her goosebumps melted, his warmth ... more
    • I aim to please - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 00:22
      • Ready, aim, fire. - Francine, Mon Mar 13 02:24
        Francine glanced eagerly around them to find just the right table. Just as she found one she liked, she noticed Lucien’s extended hand. He wanted to take her jacket. For a moment, she hesitated, but... more
        • Well, let's hold off on the fire for now - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 13:43
          He laughed and nodded agreeably. “Sounds good.” Flipping open the menu, Lucien glanced down the (admittedly short) list of offerings, looking for something that she would appreciate. There were all... more
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