Ready, aim, fire.
Mon Mar 13, 2017 02:24

Francine glanced eagerly around them to find just the right table. Just as she found one she liked, she noticed Lucien’s extended hand. He wanted to take her jacket. For a moment, she hesitated, but eventually, she decided the jacket was a bit too warm for the charmed environment and handed it over to him, leaving her twiggy little arms in full display from the sleeveless dress. It was not unheard of for her to be seen in a tank top, simply for the fact that if it was hot, she could hardly wear a long skirt and sleeves without dying and she had to choose the limbs she hated less to expose. Still, without the safety net of concealed legs, she felt practically naked. And not in a fun way. But for Lucien, she could try to bolster some confidence. He was very helpful in that regard.

She waited for him where she stood, waiting for his return, signalled by the kiss placed sweetly on her cheek, to head over to the table she selected. It was right on the edge, a cute little table just for two, the only impairment to the view being the easels, which were welcome intrusions. Francine picked up her menu, nodding and offering a chipper, “Mhm!” to the question of hunger. She might have offered more in her response, but the waiter arrived, and French was exchanged. She listened eagerly to the brief interaction between Lucien and the waiter before the second man went away. That was fine. More Lucien for her.

“As much as I enjoy the idea of the translation, I think it's probably just best if you ordered for me,” she laughed. “You know what I like.” Francine tended to be a bit picky sometimes, but generally, Lucien never seemed to have a hard time pleasing her. And, as previously stated, she trusted him.

Her eyes kept wandering to the easel beside her. What would she create? Francine was by no means an artist, but she liked playing with colors and splashing paint around. Once she had tried that thing where you fill balloons with paint and then throw darts at them, and that had been super fun. The mess of a canvas wasn’t necessarily the prettiest piece of art ever done, but she’d taken it home and given it to her parents for their anniversary, and she thought it had gone over well.

“I wish I was better at this,” she stated. “The art thing. I wish I could paint this moment and keep it forever. Oh!” she cried, interrupting herself. “You didn’t happen to bring that polaroid, did you? I don’t think I have mine in my purse at the moment.” Francine had given Lucien a polaroid camera for Christmas, and she’d been so pleased with the purchase that she got one for herself as well. Now was definitely a time that it was good to have two floating about.

  • I aim to please - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 00:22
    His slight rambling upon removing her blindfold had come about spontaneously, as he’d suddenly felt the need to explain himself. This type of date fell under the category of ‘things he would complain ... more
    • Ready, aim, fire. - Francine, Mon Mar 13 02:24
      • Well, let's hold off on the fire for now - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 13:43
        He laughed and nodded agreeably. “Sounds good.” Flipping open the menu, Lucien glanced down the (admittedly short) list of offerings, looking for something that she would appreciate. There were all... more
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