Well, let's hold off on the fire for now
Mon Mar 13, 2017 13:43

He laughed and nodded agreeably. “Sounds good.” Flipping open the menu, Lucien glanced down the (admittedly short) list of offerings, looking for something that she would appreciate. There were all the classic café items, some of which with vaguely stereotyped French ‘twists’ that he supposed would satisfy the non-French community of Colorado, but some of which were very classically French. He was, in fact, a bit astounded to see guédille on the menu; one of his favourite casual meals, it was unique to his Saint-Lawrence region of Québec. Perhaps there was a bit more magic in this place than immediately apparent.

Glancing up as he listened to Francine, he nudged her with his knee under the table, amused at her self-diverted train of thought. “Woah,” he reassured her, “of course I brought it!” Once upon a time, this sort of sentence would not nearly have warranted an of course, but he had pretty quickly taken to carrying around her Christmas gift as he’d realized that her desire to use it was often greater than his own. “One sec. Again.”

Lucien got up and hurried back to the coatrack, rifling through the pockets of his coat, which were fortunately deep enough to stow the clunky-but-not-too-clunky polaroid. He attempted to hurry back as well, but was stopped mid-way by the waiter. The man was surely trying to be helpful, and while Lucien appreciated his efforts to get them set up with food and drink, he rather wanted to be sitting back with his girlfriend instead... Ah, well. Directing an apologetic smile towards Francine, he accepted the waiter’s invitation to order and rattled off some of the items that had most appealed - a poutine to share, of course, and a bowl of French onion soup with two spoons just in case, a pot of tea for warmth and iced water for cooling down and some mini-cakes. Sounded like a balanced meal to him.

It was too short and too long that he was away, but finally he slid back into his seat beside Francine. “Voila!” he proclaimed before an idea came to him and he streched his arm out to capture them both by the lens, slinging his other arm gently around her shoulder. “Hey, let’s take a picture first. A Before shot. So even if the painting turns out weird - which it absolutely won’t, by the way,” he informed her with mock-seriousness, “because you’re amazing with these artsy things and I won’t let you convince yourself otherwise - well, even if that happens, we can show off how much fun we had.”

  • Ready, aim, fire. - Francine, Mon Mar 13 02:24
    Francine glanced eagerly around them to find just the right table. Just as she found one she liked, she noticed Lucien’s extended hand. He wanted to take her jacket. For a moment, she hesitated, but... more
    • Well, let's hold off on the fire for now - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 13:43
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