Celia Hier
In a bit of a tangle
Sat Mar 18, 2017 21:56

Celia jerked awake as Jude suddenly wailed. She had fallen asleep? She had put her daughter down for a nap and then sat down in the rocking chair for just a moment to watch her tiny, beautiful, precious child sleep. She was worth it, Celia reflected, all the morning sickness and weird food cravings and swollen limbs and reduced mobility. All of it...

Including being woken up three times a night to nurse, which was probably why Celia had fallen asleep now. She hurriedly stood and scooped Jude out of the crib, supporting her week-old daughter's head, and cuddled her while she tried to gauge if Jude was hungry or needed her diaper changed. Probably both. Yes, definitely both. Celia nursed Jude first, having already discovered that she would be less impatiently wriggly if she was already fed. It was one advantage that she had over Rob in changing diapers, although Rob was embracing every aspect of fatherhood with great gusto. It made getting up at 3 am easier for Celia, although she still had to get up at 3 am every night.

Celia finished changing Jude's diaper and went back to cuddling her, although this time she made a circuit of their living quarters instead of sitting in the rocking chair. Jude seemed to like to be in motion--no surprise there for Celia, who thought that her diaphragm might still be bruised from Jude's last week in utero before she came flying out into the world a week and a half early. Halfway around the living room, Celia caught sight of the clock, which had to fight for space on one of the bookshelves, and cursed.

"Don't repeat what Mommy just said, Jude," she said automatically, although Jude was far too young to repeat any curses. The reason for the curse was that Celia's mother would be arriving in an hour, and Celia was supposed to meet her on Pearl Street. Rob had a class, so Celia had to take Jude, which meant that the time to get Jude and herself ready, get to Pearl Street, and find her mom's friend's house, where Angelina Hier would be Flooing into, might be more than an hour. And she had to change Jude's diaper. Again.

Celia swaddled Jude (much to her displeasure) and strapped her into the stroller, found a pacifier and one of the plush dragons Annalise had brought, and began making sure she had everything that she needed in the diaper bag. She and Rob had been planning to keep it full and with the stroller, but she was pretty sure they had fallen asleep in the middle of filling it. Diapers, wipes, spare pacifier, spare dragon, towels, blanket in case it was chilly...oh, changing pad! Where was it? By the time Celia found it (under the sofa, behind a couple of books), she had a bit more than half an hour to get to Pearl Street and find her mother. Celia tucked her wand into her ponytail and made sure she had the letter with the address in her jacket pocket, and headed for the elevator.

Celia was steering around a display of books in the center of the main aisle when the stroller jerked and stopped. She looked down to see what she had gotten stuck on. Jude, who so far had been riding quietly, began fussing at the lack of movement. Celia discovered that she was wedged between the center display and one of the shelves. When she tried to back up, she ended up rolling over the strap of the diaper bag, stowed in the bottom of the stroller. Celia thought quickly. If the stroller were empty, she could lift up the stroller and untangle the strap. But her daughter was in the stroller, adding weight and a nervous concern that she'd end up dumping Jude out. (Jude was strapped in; the new-parent part of Celia's brain didn't register this.) If she picked up Jude, she wouldn't have the hands to untangle the stroller.

Celia looked around and spotted someone familiar. "Hey, excuse me," the woman called to them. "Could you give me a hand please?"

    • Happy to lend a hand - Garen Tennant, Sun Mar 19 01:53
      It was almost April, which meant it was almost Madeleineís birthday, so Garen was going present-shopping before it was time to pick up the kids from school. His daughter was turning seven this year.... more
      • You're too kind - Celia, Wed Mar 22 21:30
        "Hi Garen," Celia greeted her former Head of House with cheerful relief, managing to not accidentally stick "Director" in front of his name, as she had almost done far too many times since the Hiers' ... more
        • This is what friends are for - Garen, Sun Apr 9 01:49
          Garen stooped and untangled the diaper bag strap from the strollerís wheels. He was familiar with the struggle of trying to go somewhere with a small child without another adult, although that was... more
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