Garen Tennant
Happy to lend a hand
Sun Mar 19, 2017 01:53

It was almost April, which meant it was almost Madeleine’s birthday, so Garen was going present-shopping before it was time to pick up the kids from school. His daughter was turning seven this year. Where did the time go?

At six years and eleven months old, Madeleine rarely stopped asking questions. She liked science class and music and, not surprisingly, dragons. Her favorite Christmas present this year was the puffskein from Jessie, which she’d named Nessarose. Circe hadn’t yet eaten the newest addition to the Tennant-McKindy household, surprising everyone except Madeleine, who was apparently optimistic about the cat’s appetite and self-restraint.

She was also very excited about the wedding. Madeleine had decided she was going to be the flower girl, despite gentle reminders that they wouldn’t actually need a flower girl. Garen and Aaron had gotten married again in January, but they were waiting until the summer to have a party about it. Because there wasn’t going to be a ceremony—that tradition seemed particularly silly in their case, even to Garen—there was no reason to wait to get married. They were both over not being married to each other; as far as Garen was concerned, it had been long enough. Aaron was—well, happier, Garen thought, since they’d gotten remarried. And so was he. Garen hadn’t thought being married or not would matter at this point in their relationship, but somehow it made a difference.

He was looking at the new arrivals of chapter books in Lighthouse Books when he heard a familiar voice call out to him. Garen was surprised to see the mother-daughter duo out on Pearl Street with Judith only a week old, but knowing Celia it wasn’t surprising that she would want to get out of the Hiers’ suite after a few days. “Of course. Afternoon, Celia,” Garen said, approaching them. Despite the fact that Josh and Marissa were both proper teenagers, Garen still found it hard to believe that students he’d known since they were eleven were old enough to have children of their own now. It was easy to forget that students didn’t leave off at seventeen just because they’d graduated.

“And this must be Judith,” he added, with a broad smile at the baby. He was reminded of another little girl in a stroller who wouldn’t go anywhere without her stuffed dragon. Seven years had really gone by too fast. Garen surveyed the stroller’s wheels and quickly spotted the problem. “Looks like you’re caught on the strap. Do you want me to lift or untangle?”

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    • Happy to lend a hand - Garen Tennant, Sun Mar 19 01:53
      • You're too kind - Celia, Wed Mar 22 21:30
        "Hi Garen," Celia greeted her former Head of House with cheerful relief, managing to not accidentally stick "Director" in front of his name, as she had almost done far too many times since the Hiers' ... more
        • This is what friends are for - Garen, Sun Apr 9 01:49
          Garen stooped and untangled the diaper bag strap from the stroller’s wheels. He was familiar with the struggle of trying to go somewhere with a small child without another adult, although that was... more
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