Elijah Carthy
Just playing catchup
Tue Jan 17, 2017 23:08

EJ could easily say that term was going smoothly for him. Quidditch practice was well underway and the team looked good in his opinion. It might have been his first year as the Cetus captain (seeing as Francine had no interest in it) but he felt that he could definitely turn the team around. As of late, there hadn’t been any upsetting updates from his mother or Jacob, both indicating that – although her health had not improved – his mother’s condition remained stable. It was certainly a relief to the sixth year as he prepped for his impending IMP’s and anything that would come his way. Classes were reasonable as well, the usual minor struggle there.

But even with his slightly busy schedule, EJ found that he still had time for his friends. He’d spent ample amounts of time with Camilla and some with Andres as well. The beater had seemingly taken a liking to him and while the male was flattered, it was a bit strange. Still, they were good friends and no amount of awkwardness could change that. He’d even spent some time with other students that he normally wouldn’t have hung out with, even if he was still nice to them. But at the moment, it was Danny that Elijah had neglected.

The fifth year Lyra had become a good friend for Elijah and now that they were not just in separate houses, but separate classes, they saw each other much less frequently. So, when Danny had suggested an outing to Pearl Street, the Cetus had agreed without a second thought. EJ was pretty sure that he could spot Danny as soon as he set foot in the “real world”. Despite their designated meeting place, Danny stuck out in his crazy outfit. But that was just how his friend was.

Elijah for his part had opted for dark jeans and a Cetus blue sweater, the chilled weather warranting the nicer fabric. However, like his friend, EJ had pushed up his sleeves on the trip over. His hair was slicked back as usual, the length holding it in place as opposed to any kind of styling gel. Upon arriving beside his friend, he took the offered drink and popped it open. “Hey mate,” he said with a grin, giving a nod in thanks for the beverage. “Thanks for inviting me out.”

After taking a drink, EJ busied himself with answering Danny’s question. “Oh you know, pretty well.” Elijah’s life had been school and quidditch, the latter being more important this year. “Lessons and such are just as boring as always. Took a pretty nasty blow to my ribs thanks to a rogue bludger in practice and haven’t been able to breathe right since.” Really, his life at RMI seemed a bit dull. “Just the usual.”

The Cetus’ eyes flitted along the people as they walked by along the strip. He’d always enjoyed observing others. “What about you? I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve had time to hang out.”

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