You're too kind
Wed Mar 22, 2017 21:30

"Hi Garen," Celia greeted her former Head of House with cheerful relief, managing to not accidentally stick "Director" in front of his name, as she had almost done far too many times since the Hiers' return to RMI. It had been strange at first to be on terms of equality with the staff, especially those who had been on staff when she had been a student. It had been less strange with Garen, since he had always talked to the students as if they were equals, but apparently an absence of over a dozen years hadn't been quite enough to break her habit of referring to him as "Director Garen." "And yes, this is Jude. She's not old enough to say hi yet."

It probably helped that Rob was so un-professorial that all of his colleagues were less intimidating through extension. It also helped that she was enough of an expert to both hold her own in interesting discussions with RMI's staff, and to recognize how hard they had worked to become so. And she was even friends with some of them. Lorraine had dropped off a stack of Potions and Magical Sciences journals a few days ago, saying that she had figured that Celia could use something to read. Celia had been profoundly grateful. Going from interacting with people who could use polysyllabic scientific jargon with ease to spending most of her time with someone who could only shriek like a banshee when she needed attention had been jarring, to say the least.

Although Jude wasn't screaming right now. She was staring at Garen with astonished interest, although that didn't stop her from trying to work both arms free from her swaddle. Grateful that Garen had distracted her, at least temporarily, from fussing, Celia refocused on the task at hand. "I'll lift, if you untangle." She trusted Garen, but Jude was her daughter. Celia tilted the stroller up so that Garen could unwind the strap from the wheel. The motion surprised a happy gurgle out of Jude, and Celia smiled down at her, tempted to shake the stroller up and down a few more times for some more baby giggles. That would make Garen's job harder, so she didn't. She did make a mental note to see how old the experts thought babies needed to be to ride behind someone on broomstick, and whether anyone made safety seats that could attach to a broom. Jude would definitely enjoy a few barrel rolls.

  • Happy to lend a hand - Garen Tennant, Sun Mar 19 01:53
    It was almost April, which meant it was almost Madeleineís birthday, so Garen was going present-shopping before it was time to pick up the kids from school. His daughter was turning seven this year.... more
    • You're too kind - Celia, Wed Mar 22 21:30
      • This is what friends are for - Garen, Sun Apr 9 01:49
        Garen stooped and untangled the diaper bag strap from the strollerís wheels. He was familiar with the struggle of trying to go somewhere with a small child without another adult, although that was... more
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