Dardanius Dubois
With a Friend
Tue Apr 4, 2017 16:10

Having decided that potential awkwardness and hazardously undefined parameters were going to be more trouble than they were worth, Danny had invited Camilla for a coffee up on Pearl Street just a day or two after that fateful party. She had surprised him with her honesty and forthright attitude when she’d said she wasn’t looking for anything serious, but he didn’t have any argument against having an attractive friend who wanted to kiss him from time to time. Amendment: having two attractive female friends he kissed sometimes, apparently.

Regardless of whether he should or should not - morally, emotionally, and considering his familial responsibilities - Dardanius was meeting Camilla again for a movie, and he had also suggested a light meal at a thus far unspecified venue. He had been to the Muggle theater a couple of times with the other fifth years and Emmett (the first time he was pretty sure they were teasing him for never having seen a movie before), and knew his way around several of the more casual eateries. He assumed this would be appropriate for two friends who very definitely not dating. Yet even with their relationship being defined by them both as platonic, Danny was keen to keep their less platonic activities confined to more secluded locations. If the RMI rumour mill was like dropping a match onto dry grass, the wizarding society rumor mill was like igniting a fuse. He very much doubted that anyone would be spying on him specifically, but his youth had taught him that bored witches and house elves gossiped like their lives depended on it. He really didn’t relish the thought of having to explain things to his mother. It seemed that at RMI it was perfectly acceptable for a person to have a variety of experiences with a variety of people, but it was not like this at home, despite what his mother’s friend Lia might have suggested about her school days.

Striding out from the bookshop, Danny was dressed in a gradient t-shirt that faded from white at the top to purple at the bottom, with black straight-leg jeans and orange sneakers. The sunlight was sort of patchy; he debated for a half second about whether to go back for his shades but ultimately continued on his way and smiled to himself as Camilla waved to him. He grinned a little at her enthusiasm about Spring. He did enjoy the warmer weather, but he couldn’t admit to noticing it smelling any different. “I smell coffee and burgers,” he chuckled. “Does that count?”

  • Just Relaxing (Tag: Mr. Dubois) - Camilla Baird, Tue Apr 4 12:45
    A couple of Very Important things had happened after Marissa and Armaan´s party: 1. She had realized head straight that she had fallen for Elijah - it wasn't a crush. No. Camilla was in love with her ... more
    • With a Friend - Dardanius Dubois, Tue Apr 4 16:10
      • The blonde shook her head in disbelief as a laugh escaped her lips in response to Danny’s answer to her question. How come he couldn't smell the warmth and new life in the air? You could even feel it ... more
        • So let's clear this up - Dardanius, Fri Apr 7 15:33
          Danny had recently learned that Camilla was a very expressive person. He’d been only vaguely familiar with her prior to his fifth year, knowing her mostly as Elijah’s friend. Yet even while he’d... more
          • A Snazzy Title - Camilla, Sat Apr 8 18:33
            Spending time with Danny was helping Camilla realize that not every Pureblood person in the whole wide world was out to get her. The blonde had lived the past 7 years under the impression that... more
            • A Razzle Dazzle Title - Danny, Sun Apr 9 14:40
              Although apparently a little surprised by his question, Camilla didn’t seem otherwise perturbed, and she deigned to answer it after only a little hesitation. She replied in three parts, the first of... more
              • A Glittery Title - Camilla, Sun Apr 9 20:00
                Camilla was taken aback by Danny´s sudden mood change by the word “Pureblood”. The blonde blinked a bit surprised about his reaction, but smiled as she felt proud of Danny for rejecting a word that... more
                • A Self-Fulfilling Title - Danny, Mon Apr 10 14:23
                  Camilla was easy to talk to because she just listened, and accepted what Danny said. The Lyra loved his usual friendship group more than he would admit aloud without provocation, but its constituents ... more
                  • You think? - Camilla, Tue Apr 11 21:40
                    Hazel-eyes locked with Danny’s eyes and before she could actually think about what was going to her mind, “Yes,” she answered simply. Camilla hadn't thought about the possibility of Danny throwing... more
                    • Not often - Danny, Wed Apr 12 08:27
                      “Yes,” Camilla said, without much deliberation, and Danny paused consuming his refreshments so he could pay her the attention this confession deserved. He waved off her apology about using the word... more
                      • Oh - Camilla, Wed Apr 12 11:59
                        Camilla leaned forward and gently squeezed Danny’s hand. “Just because I am meant to live under ideals I don't believe in doesn't mean I am not happy,” she clarified. She smiled and continued, “I am... more
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