This is what friends are for
Sun Apr 9, 2017 01:49

Garen stooped and untangled the diaper bag strap from the stroller’s wheels. He was familiar with the struggle of trying to go somewhere with a small child without another adult, although that was happily not a recent experience. For a time, he had managed young children outnumbered two to one, which somehow more than doubled the effort needed to supervise them. Celia, of course, wasn’t a single parent, but it hardly mattered what your home situation was when you were out and had to get a stroller and a baby up a landing without help or magic.

He tucked the straps securely into an external pocket of the diaper bag so there was no chance of them getting run over and caught in the wheels again. “There. The straps shouldn’t get in the way anymore,” Garen added, straightening. He stepped back slightly so Celia could lower the stroller back onto four wheels. Jude seemed disappointed by the change in angle. “Good afternoon, Miss Jude,” Garen cooed to the stroller. “Enjoying your debut outing to Pearl Street?”

The infant fought harder against her swaddle and gave a giggle that made Garen’s heart melt a bit. (It was not, most would agree, in a particularly hard state to begin with.) In some ways he missed having a little one, although there were many reasons Garen was glad Drew and Madeleine were past that age. His son and daughter were both growing into kind, bright, incredible people. He was proud to get to see that and be a part of it. Still. Newborns were a different kind of adorable.

It was hard to believe that Drew would be an RMI student next year; Garen suspected his eleven-year-old would be sorted into Aquila, and was at the very least confident that Drew would not be in Lyra. Madeleine, on the other hand, could easily be sorted into any of RMI’s four Houses based on her personality so far, but Drew didn’t have the artistic inclination or the persona-crafting that characterized most of his father’s House. This was perfectly fine with Garen. Better that Drew’s Head of House was another staff member, so he would have a non-family adult to go to with problems—and so that Garen would never have to be responsible for his discipline in the school setting. It probably wouldn’t be possible to keep family and school separate, but it was important to Garen that the kids have as normal a school experience as possible.

“How are you feeling?” he asked Celia, shifting his attention from daughter to mother. His former student must be recovering well if she was out, and she looked no more worn than any new mother would. “I remember what the first week is like,” Garen added, with a sympathetic smile. “I hope she’s letting you sleep sometimes.”

  • You're too kind - Celia, Wed Mar 22 21:30
    "Hi Garen," Celia greeted her former Head of House with cheerful relief, managing to not accidentally stick "Director" in front of his name, as she had almost done far too many times since the Hiers' ... more
    • This is what friends are for - Garen, Sun Apr 9 01:49
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