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Sun Apr 9, 2017 14:40

Although apparently a little surprised by his question, Camilla didn’t seem otherwise perturbed, and she deigned to answer it after only a little hesitation. She replied in three parts, the first of which indicated to Dardanius that Camilla had liked at least one other person enough to consider dating them, but that her feelings had apparently not been reciprocated. He hadn’t ever been in that position himself, as far as he could recall, but he could imagine it must be disheartening. He was already being very distracted by Marissa’s potential actions with other people, and he didn't even want to date her. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do with her.

Camilla’s second point was, in some ways, more saddening than her first. Danny knew who her father was and they had only discussed it very briefly during the past few months. It was completely unfair for Camilla to be passed over because of her parents, yet while he didn't have any sympathy for people who judged her in this manner, he would confess to at least understanding their perspective. He wouldn't want to mess with the Edwards family either; their notoriety extended far beyond England.

“More importantly, I'm not sure I want to date just anyone, really,” Camilla finished. Danny nodded; that, at least, was familiar to him.

“It makes perfect sense,” he replied, between small gulps of his own refreshing drink. Dating seemed like a relatively complex game to play for anyone, but throw family prejudices into the mix and it was like navigating a cursed tomb with your eyes closed.

As he probably should have predicted, Camilla then turned the question back to Dardanius. He was distracted momentarily by her use of the term ‘pureblood’. “I don't like that word,” he said firmly, frowning at his drink. It was a ridiculous notion that conveyed elitism when there was no evidence to support this. While he understood his responsibility to his family and wizardkind, and he was happy to accept it, he found no need to create hierarchy over those who might choose different paths. He didn't hold it against Camilla for using it - he would confess he used it himself sometimes when he was referencing a group of people in their terms - but he didn't want it to define him. “But yes,” he conceded.

“I worry that I'll fall in love with the wrong girl, or she'll think it means more than I do, or the family won't approve,” he waved his hand vaguely, in a gesture that indicated there were lots more similar reasons. “It's just been easier to keep to myself,” he said with a sigh. Things had definitely felt easier before Marissa had convinced him that kissing could mean nothing. Although in fairness she had been right: Danny could enjoy kissing Camilla without feeling anything more than friendship. It's just that this hypothesis did not prove true for Marissa herself. “Less potential for things to become Awkward.”

  • A Snazzy Title - Camilla, Sat Apr 8 18:33
    Spending time with Danny was helping Camilla realize that not every Pureblood person in the whole wide world was out to get her. The blonde had lived the past 7 years under the impression that... more
    • A Razzle Dazzle Title - Danny, Sun Apr 9 14:40
      • A Glittery Title - Camilla, Sun Apr 9 20:00
        Camilla was taken aback by Danny´s sudden mood change by the word “Pureblood”. The blonde blinked a bit surprised about his reaction, but smiled as she felt proud of Danny for rejecting a word that... more
        • A Self-Fulfilling Title - Danny, Mon Apr 10 14:23
          Camilla was easy to talk to because she just listened, and accepted what Danny said. The Lyra loved his usual friendship group more than he would admit aloud without provocation, but its constituents ... more
          • You think? - Camilla, Tue Apr 11 21:40
            Hazel-eyes locked with Danny’s eyes and before she could actually think about what was going to her mind, “Yes,” she answered simply. Camilla hadn't thought about the possibility of Danny throwing... more
            • Not often - Danny, Wed Apr 12 08:27
              “Yes,” Camilla said, without much deliberation, and Danny paused consuming his refreshments so he could pay her the attention this confession deserved. He waved off her apology about using the word... more
              • Oh - Camilla, Wed Apr 12 11:59
                Camilla leaned forward and gently squeezed Danny’s hand. “Just because I am meant to live under ideals I don't believe in doesn't mean I am not happy,” she clarified. She smiled and continued, “I am... more
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