A Glittery Title
Sun Apr 9, 2017 20:00

Camilla was taken aback by Danny´s sudden mood change by the word “Pureblood”. The blonde blinked a bit surprised about his reaction, but smiled as she felt proud of Danny for rejecting a word that signified, in most cases, hierarchism and classism. It was a word that caused great misfortune in her life and probably in the lives of other people too. She sometimes wondered how her life would be different if her father had actually been part of her life? She didn't know much about his family other than what her mother told her and what she saw in society pages. They seemed happy and perfect? But she also knew that appearances could be deceiving. However, she sometimes wished she would be part of those family pictures she often saw.

The Ceti leaned in towards Danny as he continued answering the question she had posed. Everything he said made a lot of sense to the blonde, but since she wasn't actually part of the Pureblood Society she didn't really understood the familial responsibilities Danny was probably bound to due to his status as Dubois Heir. Actually, Camilla felt a little bad that her friend was bound by such archaic traditions and couldn't really enjoy life. She was also sad because those same archaic traditions had made her first 10 years of life quite miserable.

“I can see how your familial duties can put a dampen in your dating life,” she assessed with a small nod of her head. Danny’s future probably included an arranged marriage, so she hoped he would be paired with someone who would appreciate her friend for what he was: A Real Gentleman. The Lyra was an extraordinary human being, and Camilla was ecstatic to call him her friend.

Camilla opened her mouth about to ask something else regarding her long time friendship with Rose Farnon and Marissa Kendrick, but refrained herself before she asked something too private. Camilla sometimes wondered if Danny had something going on with either one of them. They did spend a lot of time together. Her hazel eyes lingered a few seconds on Danny´s face before smiling. “I am sure you'll eventually found someone that will make the awkwardness you mention worth it.” She wondered if Danny had a current crush that would complicate things for him.

“Do you ever feel trapped with your,” she was about to say Pureblood, but refrained from doing so, “particular traditions?” she asked hoping Danny wouldn't be offended by her question.

  • A Razzle Dazzle Title - Danny, Sun Apr 9 14:40
    Although apparently a little surprised by his question, Camilla didn’t seem otherwise perturbed, and she deigned to answer it after only a little hesitation. She replied in three parts, the first of... more
    • A Glittery Title - Camilla, Sun Apr 9 20:00
      • A Self-Fulfilling Title - Danny, Mon Apr 10 14:23
        Camilla was easy to talk to because she just listened, and accepted what Danny said. The Lyra loved his usual friendship group more than he would admit aloud without provocation, but its constituents ... more
        • You think? - Camilla, Tue Apr 11 21:40
          Hazel-eyes locked with Danny’s eyes and before she could actually think about what was going to her mind, “Yes,” she answered simply. Camilla hadn't thought about the possibility of Danny throwing... more
          • Not often - Danny, Wed Apr 12 08:27
            “Yes,” Camilla said, without much deliberation, and Danny paused consuming his refreshments so he could pay her the attention this confession deserved. He waved off her apology about using the word... more
            • Oh - Camilla, Wed Apr 12 11:59
              Camilla leaned forward and gently squeezed Danny’s hand. “Just because I am meant to live under ideals I don't believe in doesn't mean I am not happy,” she clarified. She smiled and continued, “I am... more
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