A Self-Fulfilling Title
Mon Apr 10, 2017 14:23

Camilla was easy to talk to because she just listened, and accepted what Danny said. The Lyra loved his usual friendship group more than he would admit aloud without provocation, but its constituents did have a tendency to make him question his beliefs and values. For the most part Danny appreciated this; his friends had helped him to decide for himself what was important on all sorts of topics, rather than being guided by poorly defined stereotypes or outdated advice, but it didn't often lead to relaxed conversations. Camilla just let him talk, which was a refreshing change. She asserted that Danny would find someone to make the awkwardness worth it, and he smiled, believing her optimism. He didn't think he would be especially hard to please in that regard.

“Trapped?” He repeated, the concept not having occurred to him before. He thought about it for a moment, then replied, “No. Never.” The sixteen year old quirked an eyebrow to accompany the hesitant smile that probably conveyed a little of the uncertainty he was feeling. “Should I?”

Having rejoiced in being allowed his opinions unquestioned moments earlier, he was aware of the irony in inviting them to be questioned now. Her phrasing had thrown him; he understood that she meant his duty to his family - presumably their dependency on him to marry appropriately and produce an heir for the next generation, considering their current line of conversation - preventing him from selecting any other course he might find appealing. In all honesty, Dardanius had never been discontent with his position. Yes, sometimes he found it bewildering to have future expectations so different from his peers’, but he had never felt that his circumstances were overly restrictive. If he wasn't the Dubois heir, he would not have his family or fortune (a commodity he could claim was not important in the abstract, but in practise he would be clueless how to live on any sort of budget), nor the support and connections they offered. A slightly restrictive criteria for a potential future bride seemed a ridiculously small compensation.

“Do you feel trapped?” He asked Camilla. He had no reason to suspect that she would, but the thought had never occurred to him until she had mentioned it. Perhaps it was something she was experiencing herself that she felt he might share for whatever reason.

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    Camilla was taken aback by Danny´s sudden mood change by the word “Pureblood”. The blonde blinked a bit surprised about his reaction, but smiled as she felt proud of Danny for rejecting a word that... more
    • A Self-Fulfilling Title - Danny, Mon Apr 10 14:23
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          • Oh - Camilla, Wed Apr 12 11:59
            Camilla leaned forward and gently squeezed Danny’s hand. “Just because I am meant to live under ideals I don't believe in doesn't mean I am not happy,” she clarified. She smiled and continued, “I am... more
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