Andres FernŠndez
It's a perfect day for a, uh, day? [Tag: Brynjolf]
Tue Jan 17, 2017 23:10

It had already been a few weeks since the Opening Feast and Andres was slowly settling into all his classes- it's not that they were hard, but rather he hadn't made any friends in his year. He had befriended Tains and Elijah, which were both really cool and he enjoyed their company very much, but it still made him long for friends his age. He had his roommates, Nate and Wyatt, but they had already been friends before Andres had gotten to RMI so he felt like a third wheel. Everyone else that he had worked with in class and said good morning to were just acquaintances (some of which he still didn't know their names, haha). So he decided he would go to the only place a thirteen year old Cuban boy with magical powers and anxiety could go to find solace: the internet.

He didn't have to beg much for his mother to sign the Pearl Street permission slip, seeing as she was always trying to force him out of the house anyway. She thought that going outside would be good for him, and for once he agreed with his mother's logic. Although his mother told him to go outside to get off the internet, he needed to go outside to get on the internet- not that he was going to tell her that. Besides, she wanted him to make friends, and Andres already had friends: his 247 followers on tumblr were very hard earned friends, and he'd be damned if they didn't count. And, while he would chat with them, he could catch up on all his seasonal anime series.

He donned a regular pink polo with a long white sleeve shirt underneath and a pair of old blue jeans and made his way over to the elevator that would take him outside. The fact that Andres was experiencing all of his school life in an underground, psuedo-overground environment really screwed with his head, so he tried not to think about it too much. Walking down the concrete walkway of Pearl Street, he took a big breath of natural air and smiled. And then frowned. It smelled and felt exactly like the RMI air underground. Expecting differently, he walked with his head down and had a small frown, disappointed that muggle air wasn't any better than magic air.

Without paying attention to what was in front of him, he accidentally bumped into someone. Although it was a very light bump, it took Andres by surprised and he must have jumped back almost three feet. "I AM SO SORRY," he said, his eyes wide with panic.

    • Uh, sure? - Brynjolf Nilssen, Wed Jan 18 01:08
      Bryn had never been one for mornings, especially not when it came to the school year. The bleary-eyed third year stared dismally down at his breakfast, missing the warm summer days and the times... more
      • The boy hadn't heard Andres, by either some stroke of good luck or other-worldly interference; he cleared his throat and nervously ran his hand through his hair as he spoke again. "Oh, uh, I just... more
        • I repeat,: uh, sure? - Brynjolf, Wed Jan 18 11:23
          Brynís eyes locked onto the kid who bumped into him. Or more specifically, his mouth. Considering that Bryn hadnít fully turned towards the other person, any words now tumbling out of the persons... more
          • Lovely weather we're having, huh? - Andres, Thu Jan 19 21:34
            Andres's eyebrows rose and he closed his eyes, his eyebrows now furrowed. The boy was deaf-Andres was such an idiot. An apologetic expression on his face, he actively slowed down his speech to a... more
            • See, now you're on the right track. - Brynjolf, Thu Jan 19 22:10
              ďItís not a big deal,Ē Bryn said with a smile, shrugging off the other third-yearsí apology. He was used to people talking quickly or thinking that he heard them when he didnít. It was what happened... more
              • The boy told Andres that he could talk as much as he wanted and it was like some spell had broken in some fairy tail about some chick who was sleeping, or was it the one with the long hair? Andres... more
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